If you'd like to nominate an active user for administration, please add their name to the list below in "Heading 4" format. After their name, create a bullet list where community members may sign their name to approve of the nomination. If you are nominated, please write (Accepted) if you accept the nomination. If you decline, write (Declined) and move your name to the bottom of the list. Finally, if an abusive user nominates themselves and you'd like to dispute it... make a note under their name of why they shouldn't recieve administrator priveledges, and strike through their name.

To set groundrules, before anything begins... an administrator's job is not to dictate how community users roleplay, nor should they contact users with unwelcome feedback. An administrator's job is simply to ban abusive users, settle any disputes as rationally and fairly as possible, and trim any illicit pages (an occasional swear or adult situation is within reason, but sustained abuse will be purged if community users request it).

Yanisin (Accepted)Edit

  • Serahe
  • Gorrin
  • Gritzgore
  • Scornix
  • Stenriht

Stenriht (Accepted)Edit

  • Yanisin
  • Gorrin


  • Yanisin
  • Stenriht

Zandrae (Accepted)Edit

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