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Agency is a company founded by Nikajah Silverleaf that works with various Alliance factions as a hired elite force of mercenaries and investigators. Though it is a private organization independent of any particular Alliance government, the operation's office headquarters are based in Stormwind City, Eastern Kingdoms. Initially, it was created upon a parallel realm of existence as a tool to complete a barely-remembered mission of the Cenarion Circle: to obtain a twin half of a supremely powerful artifact known as Anathema. Once this mission was completed, Agency was recreated in Nikajah's home plane of existance, modelled loosely after its lost counterpart. The company grew into three individually developed areas of specialization: The Arm, The Eye, and The Dagger. While these are no longer actual named entites, each of these areas continues to represent a different methodology for arriving at a mission's completion.

Following Nikajah's retirement, the company strived to continue her legacy under the command of Dinaestra Almanina, and then the leadership of Kreeti Steeltorque.  Currently, Agency's status is unknown.  (Unless the new GM states otherwise, it is most likely inactive for RP or even recruitment.)

Guild Description Edit

Agency provides a medium roleplay environment: guild chat is considered in character with any out of character speech prefaced or enclosed with some form of brackets or parenthesis (( like so )). We also provide a casual PvE guild environment. Agency is a neutral-aligned guild designed to explain the game mechanic of questing as 'contracts' and appeal to a wide audience of RPers: 'good,' 'evil,' and everything in between.

Our primary purpose is to have fun and enjoy everything the game has to offer.

We hold weekly RP events including our monthly guild meeting and promotional ceremony (of which we spend time in-character and then after the in-character proceedings conclude, we spend some time in discussion out of character). We have inclusive storylines that take place both in-game and within forum RP written by our talented authors on the guild website.

Some members of our guild participate in raiding content with allied groups. Our group ran raids together in Burning Crusade and 10-man progression content at the beginning of WotLK. Some of us continue to participate in 10-mans and 25-mans between allied groups.

Requirements/Restrictions Edit

We look for someone who is mature, respectful, and willing to play honorably. Game experience levels and amount of playtime availability are not issues. There are no race/class prohibitions. We prefer our membership to be over the age of 18. Exceptions to this rule are determined on a case-by-case basis. We encourage those new to RP to feel comfortable asking us questions and find ways to help them get their feet wet. Our "Humanoid Resources" committee, headed by Dinaestra, is created in particular to assist with new member questions and getting them acquainted with our community.

Contact Person/Contact Method Desired Edit

If we sound like the community for you, please register on our forums under the in-game name of your main character, which will give you access to post in our applications section. Be sure to read the information contained in that area (especially the FAQ guidelines) before submitting a brief application in order to tell us more about yourself. We will then contact you in-game, or you may contact any of us.

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