Biography Edit

General InformationEdit

  • Name: Aldrisian Shadowfang
  • Nicknames: Ald
  • Race: Worgen (Shadowfang, not Greymane)
  • Age: 79
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: December 21st
  • Birth Place: Shadowfang Keep
  • Home: Where ever he can lay his head.
  • Guild: Domini De Tempus
  • Occupation: Death Knight, Librarian, Archeologist
  • Magic: Rune Magic, Necromancy, Cyromancy
  • Hobbies: Reading, studying, discovering lost knowledge, helping friends.
  • Family: Aldragan Shadowfang (younger brother), Syrax Shadowfang (Son), Talesian (best friend, adopted brother, deceased), Seryal (lover, deceased),Liam and Lian Duerring (adopted brothers. deceased), Bandolek (adopted brother, deceased),Herana (adopted mother, mentor, deceased)

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

  • Height: 6'6" in worgen form, 5'11" in human form
  • Weight: 250 pounds (Both Forms)
  • Skin: Deathly pale in human form, Dark Gray in Worgen form
  • Hair: Shoulder length, jet black (Only in Human form)
  • Eyes: Pale, glowing blue
  • Clothing: Wears dark blue, dark red, or black plate armor. Doesn't like the feeling of normal clothing.
  • Jewelry: Wears none
  • Weapons: He carried two rune blades, one is normally hidden while the other is prominent.
  • Scars: A multitude of scars criscross his chest and arms. His face, legs and back are clean.
  • Health Details: Being mostly an undead creature his health is rarely in any danger.
  • Other: His teeth are always gleeming white, and perfectly straight, even as a worgen.

Perosonality SummaryEdit

Aldrisian is a wonderful judge of character, and how he first sees someone determines how he will almost always act. Around people he likes he is a warm, caring person. He laughs and jokes, he'll sing and dance. If he has to he will put himself in harms way for them. He seems more alive when around people like this. However around people he doesn't like, or trust, he is seen as a monster. He is cold, and aloof. His voice drops to a monotone, his face betrays no emotion, he stands always on the verge of cold-blooded murder. His undead traits become apparent.


  • Usual Mood: Happy, or at least contented
  • Intelligence Level: High
  • Known languages: A fair smattering of almost every.
  • Characters long-term goals/ desires: To catalouge all knowledge and to perserve it for future generations.
  • Characters short-term goals/ desires: To get over the death of his best friend, and to help those he likes.
  • How self-confident is he? Very, almost too much.
  • How does he view himself? As a monster, a creature who shouldn't exist anymore, yet one with a purpose.
  • How does he believe himself to be seen? Much the same as he sees himself.
  • How does he express himself? Usually through actions, however he has started talking a lot.
  • Patience level: High.
  • Does he seem ruled by emotion or logic? Logic, even his emotions are filtered through a layer of logic.
  • How does he view life? As something to be surmounted, as an un-needed failing.
  • How does he view death? Something to be overcome, yet something he desires.
  • Most at ease when: Learning something new, usually alone.
  • Ill at ease: When he feels knowledge has been lost.
  • Describe their sense of humor: Varied, he laughs at almost anything. However in the presence of people he doesn't like, or trust, he seems to have no sense of humor.
  • Character strengths: He is very stoic, he can weather anything and still smile soon after. He is kind to his friends, and very loyal.
  • Character flaws: He can be too stubborn, as well as violent.
  • Biggest Vulnerbility (Non-physical): The loss of someone close. His past losses make him at risk of trauma if he loses too much more.
  • Optimist or pessimist? Neither, he simply thinks that the glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
  • Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, except with friends.
  • Greatest Fear: To learn that he can't see his family after death.
  • Other fears? To cause the destruction of some piece of knowledge that can never be found again.
  • Minor accomplishments: Beating a Vyrkul in a wrestiling match, creating his first ghoul.


  • How social is he? Not very, he only talks to people he likes.
  • Crushes: Catiana Stahnhope
  • Loves (He has no current love, this is his old love): Seryal, deceased.
  • Best Friends: Talesian (Deceased) Catiana Stahnhop
  • Friends: None
  • Hates: Archmage Argul, even though dead Aldrisian still hates him.
  • Dislikes: He doesn't commit these people to memory
  • Rivals: None, he simply doesn't care.
  • Pets: Elagosa, a Blue dragon whelp. (Deceased)
  • Sexuality: Straight.
  • How does he view society? A wonderful structure in theory.
  • Reaction to Alliance: Friendly.
  • Reaction to Horde: Usually even more unfriendly than nomal, he is an Ex-soldier of Stormwind, and old hatred dies hard.
  • Reaction to neutral groups: His standard.
  • Is the character judgemental of others, and if so how? His first impression is all he needs.
  • How is he percieved by...
  • Strangers? As either someone they would likely forget, or nightmare made flesh.
  • Friends? A caring person who is always there.
  • Wife/Lover? Unknown, he only had one lover and that was as a young man.
  • What type of person does he associate with? Anyone as long as he likes them.
  • What type of person doesn't he associae with? Anyone he doesn't like at first.
  • What do family and friends like most about him? That he is one of the most loyal people they know
  • What don't they like about him? That if it is expediant he will kill first and ask questions later.


  • Color: Black, Red, Blue, but his favorite is Green.
  • Clothing: Heavy plate. Dark colors and well made.
  • Places: Libraries, Dig sites, ancient tombs, any place of forgotten lore.
  • Food: He doesn't have to eat and so has forgotten his favorite foods,
  • Music: String and wind instruments. He rarely plays a Zither.
  • Books: Anything he hasn't read yet.
  • Animal: Horses and dragons (Even though they aren't actually animals)


  • Color: Anything overly gaudy
  • Clothing: Anything not armored
  • Place: Crowded streets
  • Food: Same as foods he likes
  • Music: Percussion or vocal
  • Books: Anything he has read too much.
  • Animal: None, however he is sick of being compared to a wolf. "I didn't know I looked like a wolf, thanks for informing me"


  • Describe character's sense of morals: "Whatever it takes. No matter who is hurt, I will do my duty"
  • Describe character's etiquette: Very polite.
  • How does this character act in public?: Reserved, or violent depending on the situation
  • How does this character act at home?: Quiet, deliberate.
  • How has this character most changed from childhood?: He is more confident.
  • How have they remained the same?: He still desires to learn everything he can.
  • How does this character deal with or react to:
  • Anger: (From others) *Cracks neck* "I dare you to" (Towards himself) *Cry of rage* "DAMN IT ALDRISIAN!"
  • Sadness: "The pendulem always swings back"
  • Conflict/Danger: *Draws his sword* "If death seeks to play, than play I shall"
  • Fear: (From others) "On your feet, keep moving maggot" (Himself) *Shakes head* "What is there left to fear old boy?"
  • Change: *Looks around* "I have to make notes..."
  • Loss: (Of people) *Quiet sigh, blank stare* "Again?" (Knowledge) *Anger* "Aldrisian... you blasted fool..."
  • Homosexuality: *Shrugs* "Whatever"
  • Pain: (Of friends) "Who needs to die for this?" (Enemies) *Long drawn out laugh* (Himself) "Death was worse than this..."
  • Stress/Pressure: "TIme is rushing... I can't keep up... I just can't..." *Falls to his knees* "But I'll be damned if I don't try"
  • Guilt: "I'm sorry..." *Walks away*
  • Being wrong: *Writes in a notebook* "Well, at least I know the right answer now" *Sigh*
  • Being criticized: "Do what I do first. Then you may talk about me doing it wrong."
  • Praise: *Shyly looks away*
  • Love: (Friends) *Gently smacks them upside the head* "Good thing I like you" (Lover) "You are my everything"
  • Being hated: *Laughs* "You think your hatred is greater than that I feel for myself?"
  • Public Humiliation: *The heckler slowly freezes* *Walks up to the ice block and pushes it over so that it shatters* "Anyone else?"
  • What does the character want out of life?: To see all knowledge gathered together, for anyone to use.
  • What would the character like to change in his/her life?: He would like to have known his son and kid brother better.
  • What motivates this character?: Knowledge.
  • Why?: So that his adopted family didn't die in vain.
  • What discourages this character?: When knowledge is lost.
  • Why?: It means he's failed.
  • What most describes this character's personality?: Loyal, driven, and a great friend. However more than willing to murder those in his way.
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