General Information Edit

Name:  Alour Feralheart (Give name from Alourious Feralheart)

Race:  Human

Class:  Paladin

Age:  21

Hair Color / Length:  Blond / Shoulder length

Eye Color:  Green with a faint gold glow

Family:  Kendra Renauld - Mother (deceased)

              Father - Unknown (Presumed deceased)

              Jarus Renauld - Brother (Deceased then turned Death Knight)

              Alourious Feralheart - Adopted Father (Status Unknown. Presumed dead or Captured)

              Delnadi Feralheart - Adopted Uncle (Alive)

Early Life Edit

     Alour was born at the end of the Second War to his mother Kendra. His father was either killed in the war, or left. He lived a normal life doing what boys his age would have done in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Raising crops and animals along side his older brother, Jarus. His mother never re-married, and so left them to take care of themselves. Five days after he turned thirteen, Lordaeron fell. And so began the tragic life of one of the many human children left in the wake of the Scourge.

The Early Days of the War Edit

     Alour remembers nothing before the day he woke up next to his dead mother. He didn't know who she was or where he was. His life was gone. He couldn't remember is name. Nothing. He left his old home as it burned behind him. He stood outside of it next to an old tree watching it burn, not knowing what had befallen his once beautiful homeland. As he watched the lands burn and the horrible creatures roam the lands killing all in their path, he hid. But he hid in the wrong place. Months later as he turned to head into what was left of the forest, he was surrounded by undead and demons. He knew he would die. And as they attacked, he closed his eyes and waited for his death, a death that never came. All he could hear was the cries of pain from the undead as the were killed. He looked up when the noise stopped and saw his savior. The tall night elf took him away from the ruined kingdom of Lordaeron, and for many months he traveled with the night elf, Alourious Feralheart. A man he would come to call his father and even take up his name as his own. And so, in a sense, Alour Feralheart was born.

Starting a New Life Edit

     Alour quickly learned the kaldorei language form Alourious. He traveled and learned from him for over a year. Learning the history of the world and listening to the fasinating tales that he was told. The two quickly bonded, forming a true father and son relationship. Alour learned how to fight and defend himself from the old night elf. During their travels, the young boy began to show a natural affinity for commanding the Light. Alourious watched the young boy as they traveled along the disease ridden lands, keeping the taint from spreading to far south. After one of there many encounters with the scourge, in which they saved a young paladin from an overwhelming horde of undead and a few demons, the young boy became surrounded. And as he screamed, the light answered his call. Every undead and demon within twenty feet of the small boy was destroyed in a blast of holy power. Seeing this display of the boys latent power, the young paladin traveled with the to for two weeks teaching Alour enough to control it. Before he parted ways with them, he recommended to Alourious that he take the boy to Stormwind so he may be taught properly. The paladin gave the boy what was left of his fallen companions axe. Alourious took the head of the axe and the boy into the forest. Once there, he found the oldest, strongest tree he could find. And in the quiet of the forest, he performed something not many mortals had ever seen. He sang a hilt from the tree forming it perfectly around the head of the axe, and also placing upon it the natures blessing that would protect the boy for as long as he wielded it. The axe later would become called "The Heart of the Forest", so called by those who witnessed its use by Alour in later years as he trained and later served his order. The axe was said to give off a hum as it was wielded that sounded like elves singing. Almost a year later, Alourious left the young boy in the care of the Knights of the Silver Hand, who at the request, and apparent demand according to some witnesses, of the druid, insisted that the boy be trained as a Paladin. None argued with the druid. Tales of his deads and skills had already reached their ears. And so, Alour Feralheart began his training.

Learning the ways of a Paladin Edit

     During his years of training, Alour learned quickly, becoming one of their brightest students. His mentor took pride in his new student. He never met a boy with such determination to learn. There were days that Alour never wanted to stop training, and all his mentor would do is laugh, slap the boy on the back and tell him they would have plenty of time. His mentor would be so very wrong. As the strained alliance between the Horde and Alliance started to fall, the mentor was called off to see if he could help. He took Alour with him and in one bad turn of events, the mentor was killed. Alour was now left alone again for the second time in his life. But as all seemed lost, Alourious found the boy within days. He took the boy back with him to Darnassus. Alour was nineteen now. He stayed with his father for a year, traveling with him everywhere. Many that saw them together would think they really were father and son, except for the race differences of course. Alour was starting to act like his adopted father. Even to the point he spoke almost entirely in Darnassian. But, alas all good things must come to an end. And they both stepped through the Dark Portal.

Outland And Events Leading to NorthrendEdit

     Alour traveled with his father and a few other brave adventurers through outland. Among those were Delnadi, Alourious' brother; Rendalthor, Alourious' old friend and Delnadi's mentor; Malakaid, a human mage that Alour had befriended in Stormwind; and Verlir, a crazy night elf rogue that they could never get rid of. Together they endured many hardships in outland, finally landing themselves on the steps of the Black Temple where they had to physically drag Alourious away. In Shadowmoon Valley they stayed for months as countless adventurers dared to enter the Black temple only to be sent back as corpses until finally the Temple was re-taken. They soon found themselves back on Azeroth. There the group separated for a time. Alour and Alourious spend the last year before heading to northrend in the company of some of the green dragon and even Ysera herself for a short time, who always had time for Alourious. Unknown to Alour at the time, these meeting had more importance than he would have ever guessed. In the next 4 months prior to the Aliance and Horde invading Northrend, Alour went with his father as he had meetings with each of the dragonflights. Alour would only find out the importance of these meetings all to late.

Soon to come Edit

- Adventures in northrend

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