General Information Edit

Race:  Night Elf

Age:  10,634 years old

Class:  Druid

Eye Color:  Glowing Amber

Hair Color:  Forest Green

Skin Color:  Dark Purple

Family:  Delnadi - Younger Brother

              Gilisa - Mate (deceased)

              Alour - Adopted Son

Before the War of The Ancients

      Under re-write.

The Third War Edit

     As the Third War began, and the druids were awakened from their slumber by Malfuion and Tyrande, Alourious was not awoken. In the chaos of the beginning attacks in the forest's of the Night Elves realm, Delnadi snuck into the now defiled forest's of Felwood. Once there he saw the bodies of countless demons, undead, night elves, and other nameless creatures. He came upon the last un-tainted acres of land he could find. As he came into the small clearing, he saw a small, dark cave. As he moved closer to the cave, a lone demon was slowly following him, readying for an attack. This attack would never come. Without warning, a great cat launched itself at the demons neck with so much force, it ripped the demons head from its shoulders. Delnadi, scared for his life at what this cat had done to a demon, had an arrow aimed at the cat until a voice called to him.

          Alourious:  "Little brother, do you not recognize me after all these years?"

          Delnadi:  "Alourious? It cannot be! I thought you were dead!"

          Alourious:  "Far from it, Delnadi." he listens to the forest's painful cry "Take me to Malfurion"

     From there they left and joined up with Malfurion. They fought alongside the combined armies of the humans and orcs at Mount Hyjal. After the defeat of Archimonde, Alourious left to travel to the ruined kingdom of Lordaeron. While in what is now known as the Plaugelands, Alourious came across a young, human boy of about thirteen years old. When he asked the boys name, the boy did not remember. He remembered nothing of his life, only that he woke up in a burning home with the body of a dead woman lying next to him. Sensing something powerful in the young boy, he took him under his care. He named the boy after himself calling him Alour. After an impressive display of the latent power of the "Light" from the young boy, Alourious knew he would need the training of a Paladin. He left Alour in the care of a mage he had met while in the humans lands named Malakaid, there the boy was taken in by the Remaining Kights of the Silver Hand. Since then tales and rumors have surfaced of Alourious being seen in Silithus, Moonglade, the Plaugelands, and now Northrend in the recent times. The last known sighting of the druid has been in Icecrown. The few people that saw him said he was alone and walking toward the Citadel, and as he walked, the ground under his steps grew green grass and flowers. In over a year he has not been seen since. He is presumed dead or captured.

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