Basic idea for Anedia.

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Name: Anedia Almandine
Nickname: Ane, Dia
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Just past her "teen" years.
Class: Paladin
Detailed Class: Footman
Full and complete name: Anedia Solenia Almandine
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationships, past or present: Childlike relationship with another boy, but she doesn't wish to remember this.
Involvement with any associations, guilds, or militias: Blood Knights of Silvermoon.
Ranks or regards among said guilds, associations or militias: Adept (but is progressing as her RP goes on)
Wealth status: Middle-class
If not, their source of income: Uses what is left of what her parents left.

RELATIONS, of birth: Silvermoon
Wealth status during childhood: Upper-class
Current home(s): None, she sold them in preference of a solitary life.
Reason for making a home there: She does not wish to remember the pain set by her father and the death of her mother.
Known family members, and their relation to the character: Garnet Almandine (father, no in-game character), Carnelian Almandine (mother)
Living members amongst said family: Garnet (supposedly)
Non-family members of note(Includes pets): None
Most cared for friends, family, or pets: Kunaleigh (former neighbor, no in-game character)

General happiness, 1-10: 7
Social level 1-10: 2
Reaction to Horde: Somewhat friendly, takes upon a businesslike relationship.
Reaction to : Will not attack unless provoked.
Reaction to Neutral Groups: Same as horde.
Any exceptions to these: None
Distinctive personality traits: Very quiet, takes upon a militaristic look upon everything.
General reaction upon meeting a stranger of the same faction: Unless talked to, she will ignore them. She will be slightly friendly if asked for something, but prefers to be on her own.
Feelings and tendencies towards alcohol: Once in a while is okay, but only a little bit.
A brief personality description: Quiet and thoughtful, prefers to watch than interact. And carry a big sword.
Favorite things in life(Foods, colors, events, etc.): Red colors, indifferent to foods, likes Midsummer.
Least favorite things in life: Annoying little brats who follow her around because she is a Blood Knight.
1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 5
Significant or unusual traits or aspects: She loves to carry around a large claymore on her back. More for show, but she can use it easily if necessary.

Facial appearance(Includes hair): Pale blond hair, oval face, bright eyes and two rings that adorn her left ear. No makeup used.
Skin color and appearance: Somewhat pale, but tan enough to show she gets sun.
General body build: Slightly above average, lean but muscular.
Best features: Her arms.
Worst features: Her eyes.
Every day apparel(If any): Mail chest, matching boots and gloves, black pants and her claymore.
Armor, detailed descriptions of each piece: War Torn Tunic, Recruit's shirt, Black Tuxedo Pants, War Torn Greaves, War Torn Handgrips, Bloodhawk Claymore.
Weapon(s), detailed description of each: A large claymore with a black and red hilt. The metal is bright, but fades into a dark red near the base.
Any accessories: Two leather belt pouches for money and a rag.

The specialization of their class: Retribution Paladin
Skill and experience with their weapons: Prefers 2H swords but can use nearly anything.
Skill and experience with any sorts of magic: Can heal minor wounds and call upon the Light to guide her blows, but nothing much else. She prefers to not use them.
Mastery of their class: Adept (but again, will go higher as her RP progresses)
Skill and experience in battle: Strong
Pre-prime, in their prime, or post-prime: Prime
Favored weapons or skills: Claymore

She grew up in Silvermoon. Her father left when she was barely into her "teen" years, taking nearly everything but a large red claymore and leaving money behind. She dealt with her mother slowly going insane over the next five years until she finally died of heartbreak. Anedia wandered around Silvermoon until one of Lady Liadrin's followers decided to pick her up and train her to fight, finally allowing herself to imbue the powers of the Naaru to become a paladin. However, the power came too late and too little apparently, she was a weak paladin and preferred to fight without using any of her newfound abilities.
Horrified, she sold her house and most of the possessions inside and began living a more solitary life, fighting within the dead scar and much further. She returns to Silvermoon to help hone her skills, however weak they are. She is nothing outstanding in the paladin community, hardly worth the title of Adept. But somehow those around her continue to train, as if waiting if she finally gains the power she struggles for.