The Ani Ayastigi is a Horde Guild on the Argent Dawn server. It is a medium roleplaying clan. You may find our forums at


Pengu attends a Guild Meeting!

History Edit


Protecting Mulgore from Alliance Interlopers.

The Tauren have roamed the wide plains of Mulgore for hundreds of years. By carefully avoiding involvement in the wars and politics of the world around them, the Tauren tribes have lived in relative peace for many generations. However, the once-distant wars have become a greater and more immediate threat with each passing year. This naturally peaceful race has suffered more casualties in the past years than ever before.

Formation of the Tribe Edit

Four generations ago, the Elder of each Tauren tribe came together to discuss the wars that were inching in on the borders of Mulgore. Each of their small tribes traveled alone to allow for better hunting—this meant that they would be in great danger if any of the warmongering races around them decided to invade their lands. The Elders decided that the best plan was to build a well-protected city around which the Tauren people could center themselves. By doing so, their people would have added protection from their enemies and a much-needed trade center. Together, the Elders chose a location atop a series of mesas in central Mulgore, and the Tauren began building their beautiful city: Thunder Bluff. The Elders chose the most skilled fighters from each Tauren tribe and brought them together in the hills under Thunder Bluff. For many months they trained together constantly, until The Elders saw that they were ready to defend their people. They then led his new band of warriors across the plains, hunting down the threats to the Tauren people.

As the years passed, the Ani Ayastigi continued to protect their people, honing their combat skills as time went on. The society grew well respected throughout Mulgore, and many young Tauren approached them, yearning for the chance to join the band of warriors. The Elders saw that the need for Ani Ayastigi was still strong and decided to allow some of the more promising youngsters to begin training under the more seasoned warriors. Cairne Bloodhoof gladly stepped up to the challenge to manage this proud new tribe. To everyone’s surprise, the Ani Ayastigi grew even more formidable under his strong leadership. Just as the Farseers had foretold, Cairne soon began pulling together the nomadic tribes of his people one by one, urging them to band together under the banner of Thunder Bluff. The young city filled with the Tauren people, and with Cairne’s guidance, and the Ani Ayastigi's protection the Tauren enjoyed a level of safety and comfort they had never known—despite the constant wars on their doorsteps. After many years of his outstanding leadership, Cairne was named the Chieftain of the Tauren people.

New Friends Edit

Bloodlord.--File-71fdf364.jpg-thumb-Protecting Mulgore from Alliance Interlopers

Riav looks on at the defeated Bloodlord.

As part of their responsibilities, the Ani Ayastigi would guard the large Tauren trade caravans traveling from Thunder Bluff to the Crossroads. In the past, the caravans had frequently been attacked by bands of Centaurs, preventing the Tauren from safe travel in the Barrens. However, the attacks had stopped once the Centaurs saw that each Tauren caravan was now heavily guarded by their mighty warriors. The Centaur people were quite unhappy with this new arrangement; the food and supplies on each caravan would keep many Centaurs fat and happy for months. Finally, several large bands of Centaur fighters and spellcasters came together, vowing to seize the next Tauren caravan, no matter what. It so happened that the next caravan was particularly large, and Cairne insisted that he and his most capable warriors personally escorted the Tauren goods to the Crossroads. Minutes after crossing the border into the Barrens, the Centaurs began launching savage attacks on the caravan and its guard. The Centaurs greatly outnumbered the Tauren, and many of the Ani Ayastigi died. Fortunately, a band of Orcs led by the Warchief Thrall happened to be traveling the same road that day and heard the sounds of battle. Thrall was enraged to see the peaceful Tauren caravan being slaughtered by a massive number of Centaurs. He and his warriors fearlessly rushed to Cairne’s side, and together they fought back the Centaurs. In the end, the Tauren and Orcs were victorious, and the caravan made it safely to the Crossroads. Over the following years, the friendship between Cairne and Thrall grew strong, as did the bond between their two races. The new alliance pleased both the Elders of the Horde tribes and those of the Tauren tribes. Eventually, a few Orc and Troll warriors even professed a desire to join Ani Ayastigi. Cairne gladly allowed these brave fighters to join them, and the ever-expanding warriors’ society pushed their guard patrols all the way out to the borders of Durotar. Cairne was very pleased with his newfound Horde alliance and with the bustling city of Thunder Bluff. However, he found that his political and civic responsibilities were keeping him too busy to properly manage the Ani Ayastigi. After long consideration, he chose to step down from his position in the warrior society so that he could concentrate on the city and his new alliance with the Horde.

Unconventional Allies Edit


The Ani band together as a strong clan, and defeat Hakkar

As members of the Horde, the Ani Ayastigi must stand against the threat of the malevolent Lich King and the Scourge. His evil shadow looms larger and larger on the horizon as his power grows. When they are not defending against the minions of the Lich King, the Ani Ayastigi must defend their lands against the Alliance, whose people seem bent on claiming Horde lands—even in this time of danger. The Ani have taken council from Cairne and Magatha, who has suggested that she allow members of the Forsaken and the Sin'Dorei to join their ranks. Many of the Ani Ayastigi are mistrustful of the undead and Sylvan warriors, believing that they are still under the thrall of the Lich King, and of the Burning Legion. However, the Elders insists that their people need the aid of their new allies if they wish to combat both the Scourge and the races of the Alliance.

Joining the Ani Ayastigi Edit

A Welcome Message from Thundertotem Edit

Osiyu, Greetings, Bal'a dash, and Lok'Tar – Welcome, Wanderer.

I call you wanderer no matter if you have never left your own village, and even if you will never again leave your own room, as we are all wanderers. I call you wanderer for we wander along a spiritual or philosophical path, even if it is simply living the life we choose to live in itself. It could also be that we are searching for a greater meaning when our current existence fails to satisfy our needs as thinking beings. It is by these thoughts that we guide our lives through our clan, our family – The Ani Ayastigi

What are the Ani Ayastigi? Edit


No other destiny but victory. The Ani kill Ragnaros.

The Ani Ayastigi are a group of close-knit warriors that fight for life and freedom above all else. In a world tainted by the curse of tyranny, where xenophobic territorialists seek to crush the life from the dream of Horde unbound, we make our stand against the forces of stasis and reaction. We fight and live for a future where possibilities are not limited by the deadening hand of the past, and where a courageous warrior can seize and shape his own destiny. But we believe the gift of this life has been near hopelessly squandered by reactionary Alliance forces, and we seek to demonstrate by our lives and actions the way things might yet be for Horde everywhere. The Ani Ayastigi today are an established and self-confident clan which has helped shaped the landscape of the modern Horde.

What are we looking for? Edit

Warriors, Thinkers, Craftsmen, Artists, Poets, and anyone with passion and the courage to fight, live, and die for the Clan, and the Horde itself. We will consider Warriors of all experience, as experience is less important than mindset and the will to progress. In younger Warriors, we seek a quick and fearless mind. We expect our newest to learn from their first days in the clan and formal membership will only later be offered to those who prove themselves willing to devote themselves to this cause.

In the more experienced, we seek candidates with sustained enthusiasm, a genuine desire for learning and a thorough knowledge of the workings of this world. We expect our veterans to provide an example to the younger recruits and fully engage in the struggle against territorial oppression on the frontier.

Requirements Edit


We also know how to party.

1) Must understand the cause that the Ani Ayastigi is fighting for and will be comfortable with the roleplay and role-played ideology of the clan.

2) Must be well spoken and possess a degree of eloquence, and will understand that Ani Ayastigi members are responsible for preserving the good name of the family.

3) Must not have a history of theft, scamming, or exploiting, and not have a silly or abusive name.

Roster Edit

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Space Pirates?

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Space Pirates!

  • Airetari (Guild Leader)
  • Mingtai (Elder)
  • Stormcrow (Elder)