Personality Edit

Balledor the Lightbinder
This man was tall for a human, but bulky and well-muscled. Though zealous and weathered, Balledor’s eyes show kindness and wisdom. As a Knight of the Silver Hand, he regrets that violence is the only way to solve some problems. Possessing a rich, commanding voice and great physical strength, Balledor is also capable of gentleness and compassion, though he does not suffer fools. He is the epitome of the paladin warrior — a mighty foe to his enemies and a bastion of hope to his allies.

Combat Edit

Balledor is purely a force of reckoning. While merciful to those who seek little quarter, he can be devastating to those who seek to destroy the innocent. Balledor strides directly into melee, placing himself in the center of the most brutal combat. He places himself in danger to spare his allies. He is at his peak against demons and undead, and brings his full array of spells and abilities to bear against these creatures — smites, banishing strikes, power turning, and searing light from his hammer. He uses lay on hands to blast undead that resist his hammer. Against truly mighty opponents, Balledor attacks with his crusader strike, swinging with full force and momentum into his enemies as his weapon is infused with the Holy Light – crushing whatever was once present. He prefers leading others into battle, but fights alone if the situation warrants. Balledor endangers himself to help others if he must, and is willing to sacrifice himself for others — but he does not do so foolishly, as he knows how valuable he is to his Order.

Armor Edit

Clad in the regalia of a Silver Hand Knight, several scintillating plates of polished steel are firmly attached to coats of leather and mail, burnishing the armor which is worn during both ceremony and battle. Blue cloth adorns his armor in an ornate fashion while holy symbols and luxurious carvings engrave most of the outfit. The gauntlets are enchanted with the holy light, and can subdue both demons and undead. These are large, padded leather and mail gloves bleached pure white with the holy symbols of the Silver Hand burned into the palms. A royal blue shroud trails down his black, which is comprised of soft linen. Finally, a light-blue tabard is displayed with pride, which bears a Silver Gauntlet in the middle. This can be no other than the insignia of the Order of the Silver Hand.

Warhammer Edit

This is the name of Balledor’s war hammer. The twin-sided paragon of justice, meaning “Swift Hand” in common tongue, is something almost of legend. The two-handed hammer’s haft is polished mahogany, while the head is adamantine. A silver hand emblem rests in a bed of gold design on either side. This fine weapon was presented to Balledor once he was inducted into the Order of the Silver Hand. The design of the war hammer heralds through ancient times, and features a power field similar to other holy weapons – with one exception. While other holy weapons utilize constant fields of energy, the War Hammer only omits that force on impact; this allows it to conserve energy until needed for a killing blow. When impact is made, the war hammer’s holy power is triggered – smashing anything in its path. There are few things more awe inspiring than a Knight of the Silver Hand wielding a War Hammer. Those enemies who have seen the sight, rarely live long enough to regret it.

Timeline of Balledor the Lightbinder Edit

-15 (Year 578 by the King's Calendar)

  • Balledor Macidean is born to father, Sir Clerval of Northsire, and Yvonne (Marlyn) Macidean

  • Balledor's mother died from birth.

  • Balledor's travels with his father to Northshire Abbey under duty as a Cleric of the Holy Order of Northshire. Balledor is raised in Elwynn Forest.

-7 (Year 586 by the King's Calendar)

  • Sir Clerval senses an impending darkness, and sends Balledor to live in Stratholme, Lordaeron with his Uncle Jebon Macidean.

  • Balledor performs simple tasks for the Clergy in Alonsus Chapel.

  • Balledor meets Anastasia Dukosh, soon to become his best friend.

0 (592 by the Kings Calendar)

  • The Dark Portal Opens

  • The Fall of Stormwind Begins.


  • The First War Begins


  • Clerval Macidean falls defending Northshire from the Horde. Stormwind is burned to the ground.

  • Unaware of Stormwind's Fall, life in Lordaeron proceeds as normal. Balledor is promoted to a Friar.


  • The Exodus arives from Stormwind, bearing Anduin Lothar, Prince Varian Wrynn, and refugees from Stormwind. News of the Orcs and Medivh's betrayal reaches Lordaeron. All are horrified to learn of the destruction created by the Old Horde.

  • The Alliance of Lordaeron is formed, binding the nations of Lordaeron, Stromguarde, Alterac, Stormwind (refugees), Kul Tiras, Dalaran, Gilneas, and Quel'Thalas together. The Wildhammer Clan, Ironforge, and Gnomeregan will join the Alliance in the years to come.


  • The Second War begins, Balledor Macidean joins as a footman for the Alliance military.

  • The Knights of the Silver Hand is founded, inclduing Uther, Turalyon, Gavinrad the Dire, Saidan Dathrohan and Tirion Fordring.

  • The Battle for Southshore persues as Orc Warships land on the coast. The Alliance is triumphant, and the rumors of the Horde are proven to be true. Inspired by the five Paladins on the field, Balledor Macidean combined his experience as a Friar and noviceness as a footman to persue training as a Paladin. Due to short amounts of time, and need for Soldiers to bolster the defenses of the Alliance of Lordaeron, Balledor is inducted as a Knight of the Silver Hand with the second wave of Silver Hand Knights.

  • The Second War lasts on full year.

  • Balledor participated in defending Capital City from the Horde.

  • Balledor rides with the Alliance Army and fights valiantly in the battle for Blackrock Spire. This is the moment when Balledor perseveres as a Knight of the Silver Hand.

  • The Horde is pushed back through the Dark Portal. Though the gateway was destroyed, the rift remained in tact.


  • The Second War continues as Netherguard Keep is under attack. Balledor is established as a Son of Lothar and marches with his comerades, led by Turalyon [Supreme Commander of the Alliance.]

  • Balledor fights during the Battle for Hellfire Peninsula and assault on Hellfire Citadel.

  • Balledor continues to journey with the Sons of Lothar into Terokar Forest, and into the Bone Wastes.

  • During the decent into Auchindoun, Balledor became seperated from the rest of the forces, and became locked in battle with a surviving member of the Shadow Council, who had evidently also been foraging graves. With the death of the Warlock, an artifact collapsed from the hand of the fiend and fell to the ground. It resonated with a Holy aura, and perplexed Balledor, who took it with him. Though Balledor had been victorious, he had been gravely wounded during the battle, suffering a large wound to the chest. Balledor, with the rest of the wounded, was rushed back through the Dark Portal and to Netherguard Keep while the rest of the Sons of Lothar advanced towards Shadowmoon Valley.

  • The Second War ends with the defeat of the Old Horde, and the sundering of the Dark Portal.

  • Now well repaired, Balledor continues his training as a Knight of the Silver Hand.

  • Balledor marries Anastasia.


  • Balledor becomes father to Winston & Edona Macidean


  • The Escape from Durneholde keep occurs.


  • Balledor begins with aiding the Silver Hand in protecting the realm from the reformed Horde, who manage to cross the seas to Kalimdor. Victory is held short, the Plague of Lordaeron spreads.

  • The Culling of Stratholme begins, Anastasia and Balledor's two children are burned to death in the Gauntlet. Balledor had been away, assisting Andorhal in repairs.

  • Balledor returns to Stratholme to find his home, family, and life, ruined. As he fell to his knees upon a single heap of ash that had once been home, a single strand of light beamed down and glimmered with a small remainder of hope. A small Stratholme Lilly sprouted from the Soil, and was the product of the Light and of Balledor's tears. Balledor carries the grown and magically preserved Stratholme Lilly to this very day.

  • Balledor remains in Capital City with the Silver Hand, taking precautions to protect villages from small outbreaks of Scourge.

  • Arthas returnes as a Death Knight and murders King Terenas. The battle for Lordaeron begins. Outnumbered, and outmatched - the remaining Knights of the Silver Hand flee to Andorhal with the body of King Terenas Menethil II. His body was cremated and those ashes placed into an urn, which was safeguarded by Uther the Lightbringer. The Defender' of Humanity suffered many defeats at the Hands of the Scourge, and the Kingdom of Lordaeron began to fall to the Scourge.

  • One day on a scouting protocall with fellow Knights, Balledor made his way to Dalson's Farm. The Army of Arthas was in sight, but the hero's were unable to deliver any sort of warning. Balledor's companions were slaughtered. Balledor prepares for his end at the hands of a Death Knight named Krolan Deathrender. He spits in defiance at the face of Deathrender, and admits that it would be far better to die in service of Uther than to watch him and the others fall. Krolan Deahtrender took these words literaly, and crucified Balledor, so that he may watch Sorrow Hill and those within fall.

  • Left for dead. Aching for hunger. The shadowy fingers of death about to consume Balledor whole, and his vision fading. The last thing Balledor sees is a wave of figures clad in the platemail of Lordaeron, one of them carrying a blade with an L at the hilt. Balledor blacks out, but awakes to find himself safe and healed at Tyr's Hand, with a final resistance, commanded by Alexandros Mograine. The Ashbringer. Shortly after recovering his strength, Balledor and many others were alarmed to hear that the Ashbringer had fallen, and appauled with the proclomation of the Scarlet Crusade as well as the execution of Fair Banks. Balledor leaves with half of the Resistance to Light's Hope Chapel, and becomes a member of the Argent Dawn.


  • Naxxramas appears over Stratholme.

  • Balledor fights during the Siege of Sanguine and witnesses the reckoning of a Thousand Vengeful Souls obliverate the Scourge Army.


  • The Dark Portal re-opens and the battle againt the Burning Crusade - Begins! Balledor as a Knight of the Argent Dawn fights yet again in Hellfire Peninsula, flabbergasted by seeing his old friends on the other side; men and women Balledor had known all too well nearly twenty-four years ago. As he journied to Honor Hold after the battle, the Artifact that Sir Balledor Macidean carried all these years began to glow, and the answer to all of Balledors questions, was about to be answered.

  • When on a convoy to Shattrah, one of the Aldor Priests recognized the relic that hang from Balledor's neck, and was inquered as to how he had possessed the relic. Balledor told the priest his story, and came to learn that the medalions had been worn decades ago by Priests from the Temple of Karobar - but that the people of Karabor had been annihilated by the Shadow Council. Those who remained, had de-evolved into Broken.

  • The Burning Crusade waged on, and Balledor spent many days and nights questing in Outlands. How he remembered when the floating masses had once been a planet. He remembered those hours as a young-man, wondering what his purpose in life had been. Pondering, how he could ever hope to see home again. Azeroth had changed so much throughout the years, that even a world as Alien as Outlands seemed more like home.

  • Ere the final charge into Black Temple, Balledor Macidean aquainted himself with a Borken Elder named Amun, who had once been a Priest within the walls of Karabor, and the owner of the relic that Balledor had found in Aunichdown, all those years ago. Amun was uplifted to know that such a being had cared enough to find the Original owner of the medallion, and it renewed his tenacity. Amun brought himself together, and taught Balledor how to advance in the ways of the Ligh - to understand how the Light was truly, universal. What started as a small term of endearment from Amun, eventualy became a title to Balledor, as he heard it from all of his fellows from then on. "Lightbinder."


  • The Scourge War begins.

  • With the fury of the Lich King unsheathed, Balledor found himself once more fighting for the sanctity of Light's Hope Chapel. All hope had seemed lost, but so it had many days before - and Balledor now knew no fear. His might was inconcievable to the Scourge, and midst the battle, an old foe found his way to Balledor. Deathrender. Krolan Deathrender. The two engaged in a fierce battle, and it seemed at first that Deathrender was about to win, when suddenly, a brilliant Aura enveloped Balledor and he was enlimed with the Light. He rose to his feet, his hammer shattering the Runeblade of Deathrender, and then he swung with a mighty blow until all that could be heard was the sickening crunch of Krolan's skull. Balledor was triumphant, but the battle was far from over. As the armies of the Scourge never seemed to dwindle, and Balledor charged once more, into the frey. Then, the hope that Balledor had come to known - returned. The Light decimated the Scourge, and afterwards came a familiar face that Balledor had never expected to see again. Tirion Fordring. In the events that followed, The Lich King appeared, and beckoned forth apocolype when the Ashbringer made its way into the hands of Tirion, and was purified. Hence forth, Balledor was an Argent Crusader. Being a Knight of the Silver Hand, and a Knight of the Argent Dawn - Balledor fit in just fine.

  • The time came when Icecrown Citadel was surrounded. Though he was not one of the chosen champions to fight the Lich King, Balledor still fought with the others from the Howling Ford, all the way to Light's Hammer. With the Lich King defeated by the Ashbringer and the free peoples of Azeroth, Balledor's life purpose had been fulfilled.

39 - Present

  • Balledor the Lightbinder now leads an organization known as the Hand of Uther. His tenacity is best reflected by his ability to train young men and women into formidable Knights of the Silver Hand. Though the Kingdom he once knew is still the abomination known as Undercity, Balledor continualy stresses the need for the Alliance and Horde to set aside their differences. He continues to muster hope and battle those who seek to harm the inocent. Balledor is no judge, but where there is light, he shall be the one to bind it.