"'Mortal men are weak. Powerless against the elements that work against them. They fall like leaves from a tree. Constantly. You will be no different. Even I will fall one day. But today is not that day. "
- Berrand Ironwing

General InformationEdit

  • Name: Berrand Ironwing, formerly Redwing
  • Title: N/A
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 213 lbs
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • Guild: N/A
  • Occupation: Mercenary, under the employ of Stormwind
  • Birthdate: November
  • Birthplace: Westfall
  • Home: Old Town, Stormwind
  • Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Theme Song: "Power to Strive" by Shiro Sagisu
  • Known Languages: Common
  • Manner: Quiet, powerful, kind.
  • Biggest Fear: Being alone.

Favorites - Likes/DislikesEdit

His favorite things are...

  • Historical Figure: King Magni Bronzebeard
  • Race: Dwarves
  • Foods: Spicy, Tangy, sweet foods.
  • Music: Opera
  • Color(s): Blue and Gold
  • Animal: Panther
  • Book: The Frostwolf Artichoke
  • Place: Darkshire, Duskwood
  • Drink: Rumsey Rum Black Label
  • Quote from Himself: "No matter who you are, nor where you've come from... someone, out there, finds you as an idiot."


Father - Collick Sorzen - Deceased: Executed by the Stormwind Guard for murder.

Mother - Annette Allen - Deceased: Slain by thieves in Westfall.

Half-Sister - Chelsea Darklight ("Metalchelsea") - Alive

Brother-in-Law - Cobe Darklight ("Cobeix") - Alive


Early ChildhoodEdit

Berrand was born into the once proud Westfall, a place surrounded by farming. His father was slain before he reached the age of two by the Stormwind Guard for the murder of a married couple and their child. This left his mother, Annette, in charge of raising him for a year, before something odd happened. A High Elf by the name of Malanior Redwing came to their home when Berrand was only three.

The High Elf explained that he was on an adventure, something not too well heard of among their people. As time passed by, Malanior would stay longer and longer with each visit, until a year later, Annette bore a child. The child was a half-elf who was given the name "Cirelondiel" by Malanior, which translated into "Chelsea" for Common.

Malanior returned one last time, stating that his people were suspecting something of his staying with her. He said that if they were to find out, they would not only force him into exile, they would kill Chelsea. He said that he'd leave and return to his home for a longer time so that the suspicion would pass. He didn't return after that.

Fire and Light, An AwakeningEdit

As time progressed and he became thirteen years of age, Berrand learned of his blood father's acts from his mother and grew depressed. His sister tried to snap him out of it, but nothing worked. One day, while Berrand was walking around the farm, he saw something strange. His sister was weaving fire from her hands like they were threads. The sight struck him as awe-inspiring and he began to wonder if he could gain any kind of power.

He tried his hand at magic, but gave up when everything constantly blew up, realizing he had no talent with it. He found his talents within wielding the Light. He had a slight affinity for it and felt more comfortable with it and it wasn't too long before he found a trainer to teach him how to better wield it.

He eventually became a well versed Paladin and excelled at wielding the Light by the age of sixteen.

Due to rising debts and angry loan-sharks, Berrand and his sister lost their mother to murderous bandits who were hired to kill her. His sister led him from then on until she could no longer support him.

Blinding Rage and DominationEdit

Not being able to support the both of them any longer on the money left to them by their mother, Chelsea left to find work in Moonbrook, but neglected to tell Berrand of her plans. He awoke to an empty home and assumed that Chelsea had left him to die. Berrand grew blind with fury at what he believed to be betrayal and demanded the Light to tell him where his sister was.

The Light filled his mind with the images of Moonbrook, broken and beaten. His anger re-fueled by the thought of his sister deserting him just to go to such a run-down place like Moonbrook. He donned his armor and set out. It took him half of a day to reach Moonbrook and when he arrived, night had already fallen. His search was not hindered by this fact as he walked around demanding to know if someone had seen his sister. Finally he reached a man who bore a perverse smile.

The man told him that his sister was a "great gal" and that she could be found on the corner near the farmhouses near the city hall. Not understanding what was happening, Berrand grew even more angry as confusion set in above all else. He charged to the spot the man told him of and couldn't believe his eyes.

His sister had become a prostitute.

His rage finally hit the boiling point, he approached his sister and demanded to know why she left him. When she tried telling him that it was for his own good that she left, he took it wrong and slapped her. That drew the attention of a passing guard.

The guard confronted Berrand who snapped at the guard in return, shouting all sorts of obscenities. When the guard said that he was going to take him to the stocks, Berrand snapped. He drew his sword and lashed out at the guard, wounding him gravely. A passerby yelled "Murderer!" under the assumption that Berrand's strike had slew the patroller and that was all it took for Berrand to be swarmed by guards.

He fought with unbridled hate and rage. Anger guided each of his powerful attacks. While not massive, Berrand was intimidating, his combat capabilities extraordinary, he defeated each of the guards until he realized what he was doing. He grew even more angry, but this time at himself. He had almost killed so many people and decided to flee.

He dissapeared from public sight after that... but it wasn't to be long before he was found.

The Violet Hold, The Loss and the GainEdit

Two years passed from the incident, Berrand now eighteen years of age, he had spent the last two years living as a hermit in the Hillsbrad Foothills. One day, a rare occurance passed. Berrand had run out of supplies and could not live off of the land as well as he had before. He opted to go into town for a short period of time, only to resupply and then he would leave again.

He entered Tarren Mill, wary of anyone who approached him. He was making his way to the vendors when he heard a cry. He turned to see a man fall to the ground, a small knife stuck in his back. Alive but wounded, the man gasped for air on the ground. A man clad in light leather as dark as the night approached the fallen man, a mask covering his face.

Berrand rushed to assist the man who was being attacked. He slammed into the attacker with his entire body, wrestling him to the ground. He yelled for someone to help the man who had been attacked to get away and seek medical attention as he fought the man clad in leather.

Knuckles met with flesh as the two pounded on each other.

Eventually, the fight was broken up by guards and the two were taken into custody. Berrand was recognized and immediately sent to Tol Barad to be locked away in the dark pits of the dark Baradin Hold.

His sentence was five years for the assault of a troup of guards and arson.

The Days AfterEdit

After Berrand's incarceration, he was released, changed by the horrific stay he had encountered, but ever stronger from it. His power had grown exponentially yet again, but this time, Berrand came out stronger of mind and stronger of will. Instead of the reclusive hermit he had once been, he had become a quiet, strong man, capable of easily walking into an inn, surrounded by people.

And it was just that that he did.

He stayed in the Goldshire inn known as the "Lion's Pride Inn" until news reached him of his sister's possible whereabouts. He immediately charged to Westfall again, hoping to find his sister.

Upon reaching Westfall, he encountered trouble. Due to his dark appearance, he was stopped by Stormwind officials who thought of him as a suspect in a recent murder.

Once cleared he met with his sister on the beaches of Westfall near their mother's "Grave".

They cleared their past and agreed to help each other from then on, as they used to.

Berrand now follows Chelsea as a form of bodyguard.

He currently serves under the flag of the Empire of Verdammt.

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