Bhalu edited

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Physical Description
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: -
Fur Color: Black & White
Eye Color: Blue
Combat Information
Weapon(s): Pan-Staff
Specialization: Windwalker
Personal Information
Allies: Alliance
Professions: Inscription/Brewing
Languages Pandaren/Common
Alignment: Neutral
Residency: Pandaria
Roleplay Information
Creator Zagoner


Appearance: Edit

A quite stocky build, Bhalu has a ursine face with black markings around his blue eyes and various other markings of black amongst his body of soft, short white fur.

Distinctive Marks: Edit

A small faint scar runs across his nose.

Equipment/Apparel: Edit


Appearances in Fiction: Edit

None as of yet.

Personality: Edit

Goals and Ambitions: Edit

Look after his niece and support her.


"No Bamboo? Shoot!"

Theme(s): Edit

[1] (Joke!)

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