• Camatha

    Camatha's Storie

    November 26, 2010 by Camatha

    Camatha Was born in the cool months of early spring in a small village near Darnassus. The eldest child of 4 sibblings Cammy as everyone called her was always exploring and getting into trouble, one day when she was 17 she was out exploring the glades when she saw smoke coming from the same direction her home was she dropped the fresh flowers she had just gathered for the dinner table, her bow and arrows ready to attack if needed, she headed toward home, As she glanced at the tiny village she gasped as she watched her home being distroyed by fire she ran to see if anyone she knew was still alive, but Nay everyone lay dead, as she aproached her own home there she saw her mother and father slatured as if they were just meer animals and not r…

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  • Heella

    the story of heella

    January 28, 2010 by Heella

    Heella was born to a normal Dwarf family his mother and dad were traveling merchants that traveled the lands of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms one year well in Ashenvale his father Rona Bouldersmash was out selling his goods well his mother Marnae Werud stayed in the town with the night elf's that thay had come to know as friends. she was in the late stage's of pregnancy. in the month of July with his father just receiving word that the time of his child's birth was near started on his way back to Ashenvale. time was short and Marnae was ready to grant the gift of life to there child but during the birth something went sadly wrong. After giving birth to there baby she died for reason's the elf's could not see. his father Rona was nearing th…

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  • Zandrae

    Paws off, bub!

    January 21, 2010 by Zandrae

    This is copied from my real blog. I felt it might be relevant to the interests of Ye Olde RP community. (Mostly posting this because I think Yan might find it interesting.)

    Long long ago in a world far far away, I used to RP. I used to RP a lot (and still do on occasion, but not as much). From the place I roleplayed I learn a lot about fairness, character development, and other good things. Some of the things I brought with me to the RP server I play on stem from my roleplay elsewhere and are concepts that would possibly be beneficial for the RP community as a whole to consider.

    IC - In Character

    OOC - Out of Character

    ICA = ICC - In Character Actions yield In Character Consequences

    In Character is when you are pretending to be your character. C…

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  • Zandrae


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