IC notesEdit

The name Caffeine derives from LeVeau's herbal knowledge, and is highly symbolic. The remnants of the Tidestalker clan settled in Ratchet, a goblin-run port town in the Barrens. Thaag mingled with the engineers of the city, and partook in the stimulant drink of Blended Bean Brew that goblins imbibe during extended periods of technical inspiration. Being an herbalist and an alchemist, LeVeau analyzed the drink and broke it down into its component parts, isolating the active ingredient, caffeine; in doing so, she learned of its properties.

Caffeine is an alkaloid stimulant. Caffeine is highly poisonous in concentration. Blended Bean Brew and other caffeinated beverages are very weak in caffeine, so its poisonous effects are not normally felt when drunk in casual amounts (less than 100 cups in a 24-hour period). Several plants have concentrations of caffeine which protect them from being eaten by insects.

Trolls have a very long history in dealing with insects, namely the insectoid races of the Qiraj and Nerub. It was trolls who split up the insectoid aggressors of Azj'Aqir into two separate empires. As the Tidestalkers are well-versed in the history of their race, the significance of the natural weapon of caffeine is not lost on them. Caffeine, being so poisonous to insects, is a symbol of the triumph of trolls (and in effect all vertebrate endoskeletal beings) over the Azj'Aqir and a nod to ancient troll history; and by extension, a general symbol of triumph over evil.

Although LeVeau created the guild, she willingly handed it over to Thaag as a gift to assuage Thaag's agony over her lost child. Thaag calls the members of her guild her "guildren" and regards them as a mother does over her adult children.

Caffeine members tend to be odd and individualistic as Thaag is. Formal guild meetings are held at the Tidestalker home just outside of Ratchet (the house with the gallows in front). Lorinni is currently reverse-engineering goblin squawk-boxes to enable the guildren to communicate more efficiently with each other. Thaag demands that all her guildren maintain strict standards of honor both to the Horde and to non-aggressive Alliance people that may wander across their paths.

OOC notesEdit

Caffeine was created on 19 June 2006 by LeVeau and not long afterward transferred leadership to Thaag, who was pretty much running things anyway. (The two are played by the same person.)

Caffeine acquired many refugees from disbanded guilds, notably Dark Horizon in November 2007. Caffeine is always open to such refugees, even if they plan to stay only temporarily. Thaag does this because the Darkspears were once refugees within Thrall's hospitality, and in gratitude she continues this tradition.

Caffeine keeps a light-medium RP tone. /Say, /yell, and /emote must be in character. Members do not need to have a full backstory but it's always a plus. Caffeine's guild story is amorphous, allowing members a lot of latitude in their own RP experience.

Joining CaffeineEdit

  1. Ask to join.
  2. Solemnly swear that you are up to no good.
  3. Solemnly swear not to be a dick. (this one is really important)
  4. Prepare for ludicrous speed.
  5. Continue not to be a dick.
  6. Leave quietly if you become a dick.


Hot Java MammaEdit

Thaag Mea Va'a

Breve VentiEdit

The Breves are the next thing to theHot Java Mamma. They have complete control over the guild in Thaag's absence.

Sexy LattesEdit

These Officers are experienced in their classes or fulfill a specific role.

Masta Barrista [Augmented Veteran] Edit

Veterans who are entrusted with complete bank access but do not wish a leadership position.

Captains Cappuccino and Coffee [Veteran]Edit

These are veteran ranks with some bank access and who can be counted on for some game wisdom.

Veterans and officers are required to have an authenticator, as these ranks confer the blessings of access to all bank tabs.

Other ranks Edit

  • Duncan Hills is basic member status not on probation, usually for members without an authenticator.
  • Cupcake Brigade is reserved for those on probation for whatever reason, usually because they just joined Caffeine on their first toon.
  • Postum is time-out. You may not speak to the guild in guild chat in this rank. Usually reserved for egregious behavior, such as being a minor dick in public.

Bank stuff Edit

All ranks have access at least to the Kitchen (teal fish) tab and the Ninja (duh) tab. No one is denied access to food and basic junk. Veterans and officers are encouraged to help share our voluminous wealth with those who are in need (guildies who need stuff for professions).


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These add-ons enhance our RP experience in one way or another. They can all be found on