Cirelondiel defending her home of Theramore.

"Seize the day... for it may very well be your last." - Cirelondiel Redwing

General InformationEdit

  • Name: Cirelondiel Redwing-Darklight
  • Title: N/A
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5'0
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Race: Half-Elf
  • Class: Mage
  • Guild: Empire of Verdammt
  • Occupation: Defender of Theramore
  • Birthdate: June 14
  • Birthplace: Wesftall
  • Home: Theramore
  • Allignment: True Neutral
  • Theme Song: Yanni - "Nostalgia"
  • Known Languages: Common and a small fractured bit of Thalassian
  • Manner: Quiet, Adventurous
  • Biggest Fear: She fears that her brother, Berrand Redwing, now Berrand "Ironwing" will reject her as his sister.


Father - Malanior Redwing - Deceased: Killed by his own kin for treason.

Mother - Annette Allen - Deceased: Slain by thieves in Westfall

Brother - Berrand Ironwing, previously Redwing - Alive: Whereabouts unknown

Husband - Cobeix Darklight ("Cobeix") - Alive

Unborn Child - ???


Cirelondiel was born in westfall to a woman named Annette and a high elf father named Malanior.

Malanior would visit westfall to study the surroundings, and soon would visit Annette frequently, staying longer and longer each time. Soon from this relationship Cirelondiel was born, her father giving her the elvish name.

Malanior returned one last time, stating that his people were suspecting something of his staying with her. He said that if they were to find out, they would not only force him into exile, they would kill Chelsea. He said that he'd leave and return to his home for a longer time so that the suspicion would pass. He didn't return after that.

Fortunatly Annette had an older son from a previous relationship, Berrand. Berrand was only 4 years older than Chelsea and soon they became really close as siblings. Soon Chelsea would learn to manipulate mana and magic to form some fire spells and arcane spells. Berrand on the other hand grew jealous of these spells and tried to do it resulted in a failure attempt..he soon found that he could manipulate light and he used it to his advantage.

As time went by and as westfall fell into poverty, Annette had a hard time raising both children on a small salary.

When Chelsea reached the age of 16 Annette was murdered by thugs whom she owed money to. Leaving Berrand and her next to no money nor place to stay, she left in the middle of the night, taking the farms only horse and rode off to moonbrook where she attempted to find a job.Unfortunatly, she neglected to inform Berrand of her plan.

Upon arriving in moonbrook she found that most of the jobs were either being a thug, or a prostitute. Seeing how she needed the money badly, she sided for the prostitue option. A year later a very angry Berrand found her on the corner trying to make some quick money. Anger consumed him and he slapped Chelsea across the face calling her nothing more than a common whore and such. He went on a small rampage and burnt and killed a good amount of people and property. He then ran off, leaving Chelsea to wonder where he had ran off to. Chelsea finnally having enough money to start some official mage training had started her journey to Elwynn Forest and Stormwind. Noticing the stares she was getting more towards her ears, she started to move faster towards her destinations.

A few years later she met a man named Cobeix Darklight, they became very close friends and soon became husband and wife. They still do have very different opinions on what they believe in, but they get over it.

A few years after Cobeix and Chelsea got married, she got word of her brother, that he had been captured and convicted and was now in the Violet Hold in Dalaran.

With his release from the Hold soon approching, will she be able to restore the relationship with her brother, or will they soon become enemies over a misunderstanding..

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