Comia JaggerEdit

'"...Remember... You never know who`s watching..." - C

Comia Jagger


General InformationEdit

Name: Comia Jager

Nickname: N/A

Title: Fel Rogue

Age: 19 years old

Height: 5ft 3in

Weight: 101 lbs

Race: Human, infused with Fel Magic

Class: Rogue

Guild: Lone Wolves of the night (leader: Voldaren)

Guild rank: Second Dog

Occupation: Local Pick-Pocket/Serves Ezzio in anyway she can.

Birthdate: May 10th

Birthplace: Tanaris

Home: N/A

Theme Song: Van Nuys - Sixx:A.M

Known Languages: Common, Demonic and Titan.

Biggest Fear: Comia is afraid of her love (Pitfighter) or friends dying, as she couldn`t imagine going on without them.


Mother: Hexico Jager (Deceased)

Father: Neromore Jager (Deceased)

Brother: Jace Jager (Missing for 10 years, Presumed Deceased)

Sister: Crystal Jager (Wanted for tampering with evidence and possible kidnapping of Jace Jager)


Ezzio - Ezzio is a really good friend of Comia`s... he took her in when nobody else would into a group known as The Unholy Kingdom. from there she vowed to serve Ezzio and more importantly... a very close friend.

Mist Barenford ("Misthunter") - Comia met Mist while traveling to the arena in Stranglethorn Vale. From that day forward they had become and still are friends and can talk about anything. There is a lot of trust in this friendship, almost as much as with Ezzio.

Hitus - Hitus, known as the "Golden Clown of Goldshire", Comia just has tons of fun poking him, making the relationship not much of a two way friendship.

Ice ("Icesorceress") - The indominatable and merciless leader of a guild known as The Unholy Kingdom. Though Comia left the guild Ice still kept in contact with Comia keeping their friendship alive.

Sub ("Subtlety") - The second in command of the guild known as The Unholy Kingdom and a rogue friend of Comia`s, they get along pretty well.

Chelsea ("Metalchelsea"), they don`t talk much to eachother but when they do it is friendly.

Darren Barov ("Pitfighter") - Comia`s lover. Darren and Comia had a very odd first meeting just as friends. Darren went into a rage while the two were alone in a bar and he pulled an Orb from his bag that had a demon`s soul stored inside of it. The orb somehow released the demon and it transferred into Comia`s body.

Blood Elves and the Death`s End CultEdit

Comia was sent on a secret mission from when she worked with SI:7 for a sort period of time to go inspect Eversong Woods. Rumors were going on about an agent of theirs being captured and tortured by Blood Elves. Comia looked all over Silvermoon city in a Blood Elf disguise but unfortunately for her there was a flaw in the disguise (The Orb of the Sin`Dorei).

It bugged out right in the middle of a place in the city called Murder Row. It also just so happened that a Blood Elf Death Knight was prowling the area for a new victim. Comia didn`t know how to stealth around so she tried running to the closest door. The Death Knight followed her in and attack Comia. There was no escape from that moment.

The Death Knight pulled her into a lower level of Murder Row where a cult known as Death`s End resided. The room had many Fel infused Power Crystals through out the room. The Death Knight then tied her to a chair, ensuring that she wouldn't be able to escape. The kidnapper removed their hood to reveal a buffed up, undead and scarey as hell Blood Elf female.

All Comia could understand what this women was saying was, "My name is Quel`vic." The rest of what she said was in another tongue that Comia did not know. Quel`vic then grabbed a whip and lashed it everywhere on Comia`s body leaving her heavily bruised and red. Comia tried to break free but all failed once Quel`vic grabed a small crystal shoving it into the back of Comia`s neck... missing all vital nerves and such. Quel`vic laughed like an insane fiend, a huge grin tearing across her face.

She spoke in Low Common: "Now... stay there for a while. Oh yeah, don`t try anything funny or you`ll get more than you bargained for!" Quel`vic then motioned over to the rack behind Comia, filled with vials upon vials of magical energy

"Y-you... wouldn`t dare.." The Blood Elf then grinned even more, taking what Comia said as some form of challenge, she grabbed one of the most powerful of the potions she had at her disposal... "Alright... so we're going to be playing this tough girl game then? We`ll see how you feel after straight Mana and Felweed residue." The Blood Elf then grabbed a needle, extracting as much as possible from it and then eyed Comia up and down.

"Ahh there is a nice spot..." Quel`vic lifts the needle straight above Comia`s right elbow joint and slams it into her flesh. Quel`vic then walked out of the room leaving Comia to sit and bleed, in a room full of gasses from the fel crystals. Slowly, after 7 days of being contained, Comia became like one of the Wretched Blood Elves, addicted to the essence of the magic that coursed through her veins and swirled in the air.

Quel`vic walked into the room early in the morning and grabbed an equipment set with masks. Walking over she gets the mask ready and places it on Comia`s mouth. "Alright... let`s see... if you live through this... you can get a 10 second head-start out of here... you die.. well... haha you should know!" She then connects many tubes from the crystals to the mask. Suddenly the Blood Elf turns on the pump to the mask... the gasses and little bits of liquid seep into her body, not sure if she could do this... Comia came up with a plan to blow out instead of inhaling the air. BAM! as soon as she did that the hoses came undone from the mask, Comia takes off running back to Elwynn to report back and quit her job.

The Present Time Edit

At the present time Comia is working in the Lone Wolves of the night lead by Voldaren... Ezzio is still along side her in the same guild, along a few others, and things are working out smoothly. The only worry Comia has now is to stay alive, keep her demon in check and feed her addiction to magical energy. (normally supplied by Darren.)

*comming soon will be a section on how her family is dead or wanted/missing*

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