There are many dark souls in Azeroth. Those who study dark arts, practice dark activities, or simply do not have the same mindset as the average individual in Azerothian society. However, many of these individuals do not wish to be considered evil, and are only called so by the orthodox and the uninformed. The Coterie of the Shade was created by the Necromancer Catiana Stahnhope with that in mind. She herself does not wish to be considered evil because of her dark practices. Instead, she views herself as an aid to the general wellbeing of several small groups within the Alliance and Horde, and occasionally even the two factions as a whole, although her aid is not always wholesome and nonviolent. The Coterie was created as a safe haven for likeminded individuals. A place to study, train, and simply exist free of scorn from those who do not think the same way.

The NameEdit

The Coterie of the Shade was named after Catiana's shade servant and friend, who Catiana not only feels deserves the honor due to his constant desire to keep Catiana as happy and healthy as possible, but also because he displays the traits that those in the Coterie exhibit. A being usually viewed as evil showing compassion to one so little like him.

OOC InfoEdit

General InfoEdit

Level of Roleplay: Medium.
Friendly to New Roleplayers?: Absolutely. We will be willing to lend a hand.
OOC Details:
The guild is brand new, and thus seeking members who can contribute to the roleplay experience. Members will be encouraged to create their own roleplay events for the guild to take part in so that all the focus isn't always on one person.
Have a darker, but not necessarily evil, personality to your character, and have a developed sense of roleplay (lore as well as the grammatical/spelling stuff), or be willing to learn from another guild member. We will have patience for those in the learning process.
Guild Leader: Catiana
Contact Catiana in game through tells or mail for any other information or an invite.


  • New Member/Beginner Roleplayer: Apprentice
  • Member: Shade
  • Veteran (exhibits consistency of roleplay and roleplay skill to attain this level): Shadow Walker
  • Officer (exhibits consistency of roleplay and roleplay skill, as well as a willingness to take on the responsibility of second in command, to attain this level): Shadow Speaker
  • Guild Master (Catiana): Shade Mistress

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