Arcane studies and a haircut: what more could you ask for?

Biography Edit

  • Name: Daniin Jorand
  • Race: Human
  • Size: Smaller height than average, decent figure
  • Age: 28
  • Guild: Azeroth Outfitters
  • Occupation: Enchanter and tailor in between studying the arcane arts and practicing in the field
  • Personality Sketch: Immature, happy on the surface, depressed when not distracted
  • Weaknesses: Alcoholic, manic-depressive and can lose control of her power in anxiety attacks
  • Birthplace: Southshore
  • Home: A small rented room in Stormwind
  • Family: Daniin and Danikin are identical twins; their parents were not exactly the most original or thoughtful when naming their daughters. The two rarely if ever see each other anymore due to conflicting interests, and Daniin's secret resentment of her more balanced twin. She is estranged from her parents, who are the innkeepers in Southshore, but are currently visiting Gadgetzan for reasons unknown to her.
  • Description: The dark purplish brown hair on top of her head was recently cropped very short for unmentioned reasons. Like her sister, she creates her own clothes from her profession, but does not pay much attention to the upkeep of them except formal attire. Along her forearms, there are faint burn marks which she takes care to hide.