Shadow resistance: Don't leave home without it.

Biography Edit

  • Name: Danikin Jorand
  • Race: Human
  • Size: Smaller height than average, decent figure
  • Age: 28
  • Guild: Azeroth Outfitters
  • Occupation: Herbalist and tailor, occasional priestly duties
  • Personality Sketch: Reserved but playful with good friends, analytical and calculating
  • Weaknesses: Easy to manipulate via emotions and feelings for loved ones
  • Birthplace: Southshore
  • Home: Permanent room in the Southshore Inn, otherwise stays at inns wherever she's traveling presently
  • Family: Her father and mother are the Southshore innkeepers who have currently gone to Gadgetzan on vacation and potential business opportunities. Her sister, Daniin, is alive and well but the two almost never run into each other due to differing agendas.
  • Description: Her deep, purplish brown hair is pulled up into a bun, stray hairs poking out randomly. Most of the time, she is seen frowning or with a knowing smirk. Her clothes are impeccably well-kept, made by her own hand.