Denzel Black

Denzel Black

Denzel Aaron Black (Pronounced Din-Zell A-Run Blak) was a Human Death Knight who recently awoke in a cave south of Sithilus with no memory of her life before and died whilst fighting for Lordaeron's liberation.



Denzel Awakens

Denzel awakens...

The first thing Denzel remembers is waking up in a cave deep south of Sithilus, she knew only the Common language and had only limited knowledge of the Alliance cities but, for some reason, posseses deep knowledge of the Horde. She awoke with twin blades and remembers how to use them, albeit in a somewhat clumsy manner.

Denzel's name is taken from the dog tags she held in her hand when she woke up, the tags read thus:

'Specialist Denzel Aaron Black

Old Town Division

Stormwind Guard'

With only these tags to go on Denzel travelled to Stormwind to see if anyone recognised her, no one did.

The Order of LordaeronEdit

Denzel's search for answers eventually brought her to Hillsbrad where she met Hylde of Fenris, the current Grandmaster of the Order of Lordaeron; a civillian/military organization geared at taking back Lordaeron from the undead in the wake of the Scourge war.

Remembering nothing about her origins, Black decided that the best way to find out more about herself was to learn more about the Scourge, to whom she apparently once belonged as a Death Knight, therefore Denzel joined the Order to, if nothing else, find a place to call home...


Over time, the soldiers of Lordaeron came to be Denzel's friends, and then her family.

Denzel eventually got to the point where she would die to protect them, but this new found joy was not made to last...


Denzel was murdered by the Warlock of the Fel Spectrum, Ephon whilst escorting Hylde of Fenris through Stormwind harbor. She was dragged to the Wetlands and made an example of in front of Ephon's men.

Denzel's last words are noted as being : "I remember everything."

Black's body is laid to rest in the Southshore graveyard, buried upside down so should she be risen again she would dig in the wrong direction.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Black was a woman of few words, only speaking when she deemed it necessary, and therefore was a bit of a mystery to others as well as herself.

Denzel had a few scars she could not recall the cause of, such as a scar on her right arm and a burn mark on her hand along with a tattoo of a small bird on her foot.

Black also had a lip piercing, again, the cause of this is unknown.

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