Fun FactsEdit

Full name: Deren'eth Moonwhisper

Age: 10,567 (as of WotLK launch)

Birthplace: Zin-Azshari

Relatives and associates: Aespeth (deceased bondmate), Lotus-Lily (current bondmate), Nadezheda and Keridwyn (daughters of his brother), Vinklo Stargazer (long time associate), Dahlia (mother), the Agency.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is skinny like he hasn't eaten quite enough in centuries. He has indigo skin and dark blue hair, and his eyes shine silver. He keeps his beard neatly cut and his hair pulled back in a professional manner. His left hand up to the middle of his forearm is ashen and the skin looks dry and cracked. There is a thick stitch-scar where it meets the healthy skin.

Some HistoryEdit

Deren'eth had the typical life of a low-caste Darnassian worker, cleaning the pens of Queen Azshara's riding sabers when the Sundering occurred. He could only watch as Aespeth, his bond-mate, was torn apart and eaten by the demons that streamed through the Well of Eternity. He and his mother were able to escape the city before the land crumbled and the sea rushed in. Some centuries later, she mated again and gave birth to his brother.

Ever since, he has harbored a seething hatred of the Highborne and all their descendants. He delights in taking contracts to slaughter them, and the war between the Quel'dorei and the Sin'dorei warms his heart to its core. He does what he can to foment the acrimony.

He became associated with Vinklo at the moment he broke a contract for the first time, as he had been hired to kill him. The boy was worth more alive to him than dead, and during his tutelage surpassed the elder elf's expectations. He does not regret breaking the contract and has since removed the benefactor of that contract from the living world.

His recent emergence from his shadowy world of espionage and assassination has boggled and angered not only his brother's family, but many others who do not trust him any further than they could throw him.