December 20th... Year (179 years before the present)

  • The text written upon this page is hastily written and saturated in blood*

I've finally done it... i've finished the markings upon my body and soon I shall invoke the Curse of Darksoul upon myself. The night grows old and I hear voices outside my door. I think there on to me... I think they know the forbidden arts that I practice within my study. I must hurry... I think..*The last word is erased roughly and written over* I know they are jealous, they've been watching me from day one and they want to take my curse and claim it as there own.

  • The rest would be written as if desperate for time.*

There knocking on my door... there coming for it... but they won't get it, it's mine. This may be the last time I write so if something goes wrong, the one to find this book will know is... I have broken countless rules... traditions... and go against my superiors for the reason of creating this curse and avenging my family. I *Large text to emphasize* WILL! Murder my father who placed this accursed demon inside my...

  • The text stops then ends with a sloppy last line, seeming no time took to ensure liability*

There trying to break in... it is time to call upon my curse... for my mother and my brother.

  • The page would end with two fingerprints of blood, seeming to be where he held the page.*