Doktor Stitches LigatureEdit

Doktor Ligature is a goblin medical engineering specialist with properly accredited degrees in Creative Anatomy, LimbKrafting, Biological Alchemy, and Health Enchancement Machinery. Being that the war machine goblin krafters are more in demand, Dr Ligature spends a great deal of time inventing and peddling devices which such WarKrafters might find useful, such as the LigaTron® Filt-R-Mask™ (patent pending), which prevents inhalation of harmful, toxic, or just plain smelly particles thrown out when a mineral vein is struck with a pick.

Doktor Ligature has a crusade: using medicine to keep the gold flowing. Sometimes, the flow of gold must be sacrificed temporarily to ensure that in the long run, it will flow in volume. To this end, he will delay billing people for services regarding public health such as the recent rash of [saronite poisoning]. He of course demands cash up front for other services.