Biography Edit

  • Name: Duinmir Karn Argonar

    ...But Elf-a-fied

  • Nicknames: "Du`un," "Knight of the Old Code"
  • Age: Body: 645, Soul: 1,226  
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: October 26th
  • Birth Place: Born on the move (around the Tirisfal Glade)
  • Home: The Hinterlands
  • Guild: n/a
  • Occupation: Hired Mercenary, dragon hunter, and an Alchemist
  • Magic: n/a
  • Hobbies: battle, speaking of "The Way"
  • Family: Gaddin Argonar (father, deceased), Elana Argonar (mother, location unknown)

Personality Summary Edit

Duinmir is wise enough to know that he knows very little. He thoroughly enjoys teaching others, but only when they ask for his council, for he is very self conscious and does not wish to be seen as a naive man who thinks he knows everything about the world. Duinmir is simple in the fact that he does not desire much out of the life he leads, anymore, he just tries to get by in it. He is often very calm, but can jump into action at any moment. He still loves battle and seems to crave a beautiful death. He will never give up the bow or blade until he has put down the Bishop Annidas of the Scarlet Monastery. Ultimately Duinmir serves little purpose for himself and is the dedicated leader of his guild, The House of Rine.

Physical Characteristics Edit

  • Height: 7 feet 2 inches
  • Build:  Medium
  • Skin:  Pale purple
  • Hair: Green (very thin and fine)
  • Eyes: Brown (appear yellow)
  • Tattoos/Scars?: He has two tattoos that are exactly the same under his eyes, they are bluish green and are small streaks that are paired.
  • Glasses/Contacts?: No
  • Left/Right handed?: Right
  • Distinguishing features: Eye tattoos, odd green hair, and height.
  • How does s/he dress: Usually in red and black to fool judgmental people. (used to teach a lesson. See personality summary.) 
  • Jewelry:  Small bracelet on his arm that says around it, "Happiness is the key to being."
  • Weaponry: During one of the crusades of the Scarlet Monastery, Duinmir claimed his prized possession, The Sword of Serenity. He would gladly die side by side with this sword. Normally he carries a twisted sabre and an ancient bow on his person at all times, however, he trains with all kinds of different axe's, maces, swords, bows, and daggers of all sizes.
  • Health: Thinks he's getting old, but it's all in his head. He's perfectly healthy and fit.
  • Speech Patterns: Occasionally talking in riddles, proverbs and quotes that he remembers from people in his past.
  • Voice: Mistaken usually as a human voice, he has a moderate voice tone that is easy to tune out.
  • Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Rigid leather with mail studded onto his armor. Duinmir doesn't care much for style, just for protection and agility.
  • === ===

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Edit

  • Usual Mood: Difficult to tell, he's usually quiet unless spoken to, and remains emotionless most of the time unless in extreme circumstances.
  • Intelligence Level: High
  • Known Languages: Common, Darnassian
  • Character's long-term goals/desires in life: Teach others about the language of the world, destinies,balance, omens, and happiness. He would also like to train his students in the different weapon forms because practicing is a good form of centering oneself and understanding balance. He also craves a good death in battle-a beautiful death.
  • Character's short-term goals/desires in life: Re-build his House of the Rine and train those willing of the Old Code.
  • How self-confident is the character?: Medium
  • How does Character see him/herself?: A man, A knight with principles that he thinks would open up the world to the language of The Alchemist and help the suffering, but is now too old to enforce those principles and therefore will just continue fighting for them, by himself.
  • How does Character believe s/he is perceived by others?: Unknown by many, but those who know him view him wise beyond his years, and sometimes brave.
  • How does Character express themself?: Through the art of battle.
  • Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Thinks of himself of as a submissive person, but is usually put in charge by others anyway.
  • Patience level: High
  • Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Ruled almost entirely by logic and only expresses his emotions when he feels necessary. "Fight with your head....not with your heart."
  • How does the character view life?: Something that you have to pursue and understand or think you understand.
  • How does the character view death?: Life has continued for so long and much of it seemed hopeless, but now that there is an understanding of happiness and an enlightenment in the Way of the Alchemist he only wishes for a beautiful death on a battlefield that means something important.
  • Most at ease when: He was with his apprentices of the House of the Rine. When in the thick of the forest.
  • Ill at ease when: He has endangered others.
  • Describe their sense of humor: Usually pretty twisted humor.
  • Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Extremely down to earth, he keeps his mind in the present which makes him alert, strong willed and filled with deep thought, Very hard to anger or piss off. Very informative.
  • Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Vulnerable to his past if addressed correctly, usually tries to work everything out with logic and feeling from his heart, which sometimes makes him slow to react. Speaks agreesively when in danger.
  • Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): The subject of his lost love, Sarah, or anything to do with the shadows of Colsu.(previous life)
  • Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist with occasional pessimist comments.
  • Introvert or extrovert:  Both depending on how others percieve him.
  • Greatest Fear: Extreme or superior power, living forever.
  • Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: being captured and purified by the Church
  • Minor accomplishments:  Managed to survive the black knights of the Monastery for a year and a half.

Relationships Edit

  • How social is he/she?: Depends on how social the person is he is talking to. How social he is usually depends on what type of mood he is in.
  • Crushes: none
  • Love(s): Laura (deceased), Kaya (unknown), Sarah (alive at Duinmir's own expense of not being able to be with her. He believes she is trapped in another world and their lives trade off- when one dies the other comes back to life and vice versa: a spell imbued by Bishop Annidas as punishment for Duinmir's heresy to the Church.)
  • Best Friends: Brother Friedh, and Arnon (his pet wolf).
  • Friends: His friends are Brother Friedh, Dernkeg, Alexander, Alan A Dale, An'Din and Catiana
  • Hates: The people that don't believe in equality and people that are hypocrites and speak false truths.
  • Dislikes: Men of the Argent Crusades.
  • Rivals: Bishop Annidas of the Argent's, Beremir man of many sages.
  • Pets: Arnon (wolf), Brock (owl).
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • How does s/he view other people or society?: Undereducated hounds wielding swords, bunches of people that are taught to hate "the enemy" when the enemy is just another society of people.
  • Reaction to Alliance: A group of races with a title, that is supposedly honorable and right.
  • Reaction to Horde:  A group of races that is shamed yet live life more fully than most members of the "alliance."
  • Reaction to Neutral Groups: The small groups of people that understand uselessness of having a good guy and a bad guy, or the people that realize we live in a grey world.  
  • Is the character judgmental of others and how so?: No he judges no one.
  • How is s/he perceived by...
  • Strangers?:   A Ranger or Scout.
  • Friends?:  A wise mentor who has much to teach yet there are few "Knights" who will learn from him.
  • Wife/Husband/Lover?: n/a 
  • What type of people does s/he like or associate with?: People who are willing to listen to the language of the world, study the Way of the Alchemist, or will study and practice the Old Code in their lives.
  • What type of people doesn't s/he like or associate with?: Slavers.
  • What do family/friends like most about character?:  His knoledge and patience.
  • What do family/friends like least about character?:  How he speaks in proverbs and quotes.

Likes Edit

  • Color: Red, Green, Orange
  • Clothing:  Flexible and Agile
  • Place: The Hinterlands, The Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad Foothills, The Alterac Mountains, Gilneas
  • Food:  Likes banana bread
  • Music: Enjoys listening to the cello
  • Book: A Knight's Retribution, Allamand
  • Animal: Wolves, falcons

Dislikes Edit

  • Color:  n/a
  • Clothing: n/a
  • Place: Tanaris, Desolace
  • Food: uncooked meat or fish  
  • Music: n/a
  • Book: Likes most the books he reads
  • Animal:  Dinosaurs, Dragons, Drakes

Emotional Edit

  • Describe character's sense of morals: Live a happy life and go about the ways of reading the omens of life.
  • Describe character's etiquette: Understanding, easy to come to terms with.
  • How does this character act in public?: Reserved and quiet.  
  • How does this character act at home?: Open in thoughts and ideas, free flowing.
  • How has this character most changed from childhood?: He has calmed his mind, gathered patience, and become quiet until needed.
  • How have they remained the same?:  His love for following his destiny and finding peace in himself. His energy is still alive and his love of the battlefield has remained as he is centered most easily in that environment now after all his years of fighting.
  • How does this character deal with or react to:
  • Anger: "What are you trying to achieve?"
  • Sadness: (of another) *listens to everything s/he has to say* "Well, what advice I can offer you is..." (of himself.) "Stop fretting and be thankful for what you have."
  • Conflict/Danger:  *grabs sword hilt* "Take another step and you'll meet the true alchemist."
  • Fear: *motionless and tense.*
  • Change: "Good another chance to test myself."
  • Loss: (Of a battle) "I'll take this as an omen..." (Of a loved one) "I see...well I have one question...did s/he have any regrets?" (answer yes) "Then I failed to play my part in his/her life." (answer no) "Then she was happy and there is nothing to be sad about."
  • Homosexuality: "Hey Buddy! What the hell are you doing down there?"
  • Pain: (minor) *takes no notice of the source* (moderate) *understands what he is doing is dangerous and re-centers himself* (intense) *comes to terms with death and understands the act could claim his life, breaths loud and deep and brandishes sword* "ARTORIUS RUS!!!!" *charges fiercely*
  • Stress/Pressure: *Breath deeply with eyes closed*
  • Guilt: "...You got me."
  • Being wrong:  "Alright I'll admit I was wrong..."
  • Being criticized:  (constructive) "Well thank you I will take that into consideration..." (degrading) "You know attacking others with words usually are the ones who are most hurt by them..."
  • Praise:  "Why thank you that is very kind of you..."
  • Love: "Wow you have changed me...I don't uh...this fills me with such happiness."  
  • Being hated: "You're not the first nor the last to be filled with fiery hatred when you see me."
  • Public Humiliation: "What are you trying to prove..."  
  • What does the character want out of life?: He wants to achieve equality for mankind and also to understand himself. Overall happiness through marvels and focus.
  • What would the character like to change in his/her life?:  He would like to change everything at least once because it tests oneself to have to change constantly.
  • What motivates this character?: The Old Code( A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His word speaks only truth. His blade defends the helpless. HIs might upholds the weak. His wrath undoes the wicked.) Belief in happiness and destinies.  
  • Why?:  These are the things that will help everyone through any situation, it makes a good person and a happy one.
  • What discourages this character?:  Slavery, and liars.
  • Why?:  These are the type of people that don't understand how to live and make others suffer for their decisions.
  • What most describes this character's personality?: A deep understanding person who is thick with beliefs about optimism and happiness.

History Edit

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