Elundriel Suntreader Edit

"Peace will happen some day. The sin'dorei and the quel'dorei cannot be at odds with each other for much longer, just as the Alliance and the Horde cannot. We must set aside our differences and work towards a better future for all."

- Elundriel
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The End Of A Dream Edit

Elundriel's story does not start with herself, but with her father. Amaethon was a clever high elven mage who, unfortunately, led the Suntreader family to their ruin. He had a vision that someday all the races of Azeroth (and perhaps beyond) would live together as one. While it may have been easy for such a wealthy person to believe those things and go on posturing, Amaethon actually strove to see his vision come to life. He would visit villages of those less fortunate than his family and give his aid freely. 

Along with him, he brought his two children - a pair of twins named Elundriel and Elundrias. From a young age, both showed a surprising aptitude for the Light (albeit in different ways). Elundriel seemed to concentrate more on the healing of wounds while Elundrias always strove to protect those who were weaker than himself. Amaethon's proudest accomplishment was seeing his son enter the Knights of the Silver Hand and his daughter helping any refugees that she came across. However, the happy family could not last. For one reason or another, the Suntreader family (including those who were not a member of Elundriel's immediate family) was slaughtered by those who did not agree with Amaethon's beliefs. Only Elundriel and Elundrias escaped - having left for Stormwind at their father's urging. The news was devastating to the twins. On their own in the large human city, the pair could never go back to their beloved Quel'Thalas. The road was too dangerous and the hate for their peace-loving family was too great.

The Birth of an Ambassador Edit

Elundriel and Elundrias remained in Stormwind after the decimation of their family. Before long, Elundrias had gained a reputation as being a noble and trustworthy paladin. Elundriel, meanwhile, had worked her way into the political world of the Alliance. In her free time, she honed her priestly skills under the direct guidance of Archbishop Benedictus. The pair quickly rose to notoriety within Stormwind and most of the Alliance capitals. However, with the current political climate and the opening of Northrend, Elundriel decided that the sin'dorei and the quel'dorei had to be reunited. Knowing that her blood elf brothers and sisters were suffering from the same magical addiction she carried (but with the lack of control that she and her kind shared), Elundriel pleaded with the political leaders of Stormwind to make her an official ambassador in order to aid those who were helpless against their needs. After much pushing and prodding, Jaina Proudmoore and Elundriel convinced Varian Wrynn to allow her to become an ambassador of the Alliance.
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Elundriel meets Thrall for the first time.

Elundriel arrived in Orgrimmar with Jaina's aid and, in a show of great humility, knelt before Thrall as she spoke. She kept eye contact with the orc, but yet she did not act as if she was superior to him in any way. Within moments, she had won over the great Warchief of the Horde. She explained her ideals to him and way pleased to find that he agreed that something had to be done in such a time as this - the Horde and the Alliance could no longer afford to fight each other while Arthas ran rampant in Northrend. The high elf was granted protection and dignitary immunity in all Horde cities on one condition - that she never instigated a fight with any member of the Horde. It was a reasonable request: attacking a member of the Horde could be considered an act of war. So Elundriel entered Silvermoon as both an ambassador of the Alliance and the high elves.

Present Day Edit

These days, Elundriel can almost always be found in Silvermoon unless her duty calls her to another city. While she is protected by both the Horde and the Alliance, she keeps a group of bodyguards with her at all times - a large entourage of paladins, hunters, mages, and priests. Her most trusted bodyguard by far, however, is a hunter by the name of Syrion 'Desimation' Sunstriker. He is almost always by her side and the pair can been seen in the Royal Exchange regularly. For the first few days in Silvermoon, Elundriel used a special type of contact made by the gnomes of Gnomeregan to hide her bright blue eye color. Only her bodyguards knew her true identity.

The reveal of what she was came after she spent a few weeks hiding what she was within the ranks of The Sons of Doomhammer. Unable to lie to her comrades any longer, she took the contacts out at a guild meeting she attended. Worried that she would be attacked, the priestess kept her eyes on the guild leader - Gritzgore. It was to her relief, however, that she was accepted as a member of the guild regardless of her race. While her fellow guild members enjoy fighting against the Alliance, Elundriel takes a stance of healing their wounds and making sure that no one dies. If asked how she feels about being a member of The Sons of Doomhammer, the high elf will merely smile and tell the person who asked her the question that she rather enjoys it. However, she can feel something coming in the political climate. Something that may shake the foundations of all the work she has tried her hardest to do. Elundriel continues to build up a group of bodyguards - not out of paranoia, but more out of worry.

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