Enette watching over Orgrimmar.

General InformationEdit

Name: Enette

Age: 62 (died at 30)

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Draenor

Home: Roaming

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Relatives: Orgrim Doomhammer (Cousin)

Guild: Unaffiliated

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Height: 5'11

Weight / Build: 150 / Skeletal

Skin Tone: White.

Scars and other features: Missing fragments of her skin and tissue, along with part of her cheek.

Hair: Black, jagged, shoulder-length

Eyes: Golden.

Blackrock ClanEdit

Enette was born a warrior of the Blackrock Clan. She had a life of intense training, since the day she learned to walk; she had begun honing her skills on the battlefield. Long days of militaristic training led to a disciplined and talented warrior. By the age of 25, Enette was a strong, proud, Orc Warrior. She was one of the most feared and respected on the battlefield. Her presence lifted the morale of her fellow warriors, her battle cry was known throughout the Clan. Skilled with her blade and fierce in combat, her companions adored her and her superiors watched her exemplary progress with approval, they knew she would achieve great things. She had even begun training to reach the status of Blademaster, the first female to do so. But, there would be no time, war was upon them.

Spoils of WarEdit

During the First War the Blackrock Clan was one of the most feared and respected Clans in the Orc warband, Enette was no exception. Her prowess on the battlefield quickly earned her troops of her own to command. Her squad began to gain a reputation among the troops. She had been known for her guerilla tactics and ruthless combat. She would lead her troops into nearly unthinkable odds and come out with minor injury due to her strategic genius. Enette would soon be known as "The Hunter" for her unwavering hunt of notable alliance officers. Her reputation soon reached the alliance and many attempts were made at her, all failing. So many were made that she would make sport out of it, after she found the officer who sent the assassin, she would ride around his camp on her wolf brandishing his head and their banner before attacking. This ceremony just bolstered the image of her ruthlessness.

(To be continued)

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