Meeting Eriadra is an unforgettable experience to many: she is unmistakably intelligent, questioning, and surprisingly cold and distant, lacking understanding of basic emotion and courtesy. The young mage's impartial and objective attitude often elicits strong emotional responses from those with whom she interacts, very often confusion followed by anger.


Why so distant?Edit

Many ask this question of her, and few get an answer that they like. Having fled from her home in the Eversong Woods with her brother Couladin at a young age, the two were taken in by scholars. Though Eriadra chose to stay, Couladin chose to study in the glow of the light, training as a paladin. With no family, Eriadra immersed herself in books and magic. Years without social interaction apart from her professors and the few that came to study at the academy left a huge social deficit.

After years of study, Eriadra's professors set her loose on the world. She was sent with a mission to chronicle the events of the war as well as evaluate the current political and social turmoil within the Horde. Stumbling across the home of the Sons of Doomhammer in Hillsbrad Foothills, Eriadra invited herself to stay, a choice that was never questioned or noticed by any of the members, all of whom assuming that another authorized her visit.

Current DayEdit

Motivated by learning about the segregation of the Horde into distinct units, or guilds, Eriadra followed after Loki and Terisa when they split from the Sons of Doomhammer due to disagreements with Gritzgore, the guild master. She is currently one of the lead councilors in The Lost Scions, a band of outcasts and misfits, speaking the voice of cold, factual reason to the group. Because of her understanding of war tactics and theory, the mage understood that the Scions alone could not stand, and that deep down, The Lost Scions had the same ultimate goal as the Sons of Doomhammer. After weeks of petitioning, Eriadra convinced the other members of the council to allow her to speak with the orc Gritzgore. To be honest, nobody from the Sons of Doomhammer even noticed her disappearance; the mage was so transient that her five-day expeditions went fully unnoticed. The orc and elf met and an alliance was struck between the two guilds in the name of the Horde.

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