(Drakion, March 2nd, 2:16 am)

In the dark valley of Deadwind Pass, lie Drakion within the calm waters. He rose from the bone chilling embrace, soaked head to toe, his flesh bare to the wind. He sat down and looked out into the distant valley as thoughts carried out through his mind. It is said that only in the final hours of a person's life, in those solitary moments, are he true face of the person are seen, heard and felt. His body, disfigured and failing from within his twisted flesh, suffered from the constant, yet numb, pain. These were his closing chapters.

His eyes rested half way closed and his hair, dripping wet, hanging partially in his face and creating a small shadowed blanket on his face. The moon was full and the stars shun bright, a rare sky to experience. He sat by his sleeping demonic steed in his beauty suffering. His mind played out memories that he had cherished, remembering the past and smiling softly.

He spoke to himself in a soft and painless voice, a false happiness within the words.

"All there faces... the pain I have inflicted... the warmth I have brought. I was capable of creating so much. Take or give. Wish I wasn't so blind. She meant everything to me. Kamaris, Lillithan, Marius, Vexine, Destiany, Feeria, Neverine, Kinera, Autumn, Cabose, Lorrune, Gennea, Alterica, Fay, Christiara, Sairia, Anastaja, Trinity, Loistian, Rose, Antreel, Theelina, Draeya, Orit, Zurual, Fade, Alex, Clare, Turiel, Iorebryn, Arcainos, Jasseta, Nanadun... everyone I have ever hurt. I see now that I could of brought you so much more. Live strong... live happy."

Drakion rose to his feet, yet instantly falling to his knees, one hand upon his mouth and another holding the trembling body. His body would convulse and blood poured from his mouth, onto his already blood stained hand, falling through the cracks of his digits, into the moon-lit water and turning the river black. He was slowly returning to the world is was created from. His head remain dangling from his his neck, taking in a deep breath. After the moment passed he collapsed upon the cold, blood soaked dirt. He spoke in his passing voice.

"So tired..."

He closed his eyes slowly and pictures of her flashed through the clouded memory.

"You were so beautiful with that innocent smile... it made me forget everything... everything that hurt me. I watched you blossom into a strong leader and protect those who were hurt. I hated the world... and more so the people who inhabited it, but I saw you... and I saw hope in those dark eyes and I found a future. So selfish... so blinded... I turn my back to everyone for the peace and warmth I found in you. So stupid."

As he faded into a sleep, his steed nudged him. He open his eyes to the touch of reality, looking up at the steed. He moved his tired arms to press to the ground and onto his feet. He took a breath of life and gathered his things, mounting his steed and looking back at the black river. His parting words.

"I'll be home soon."