Fay windsong

Basic Profile Edit

  • Name: Fay Windsong
  • Nickname: Fay
  • Alias': Blue Jay
  • Age: 812
  • Gender: Female
  • Blood Line: Night Elf
  • Birth Date: 4/19
  • Current Residence: Winterspring / Darkshire
  • Guild/Orders: Shadow Song
  • Family - Biological: Lilly Windsong (Mother) Roe Windsong
  • Family - Adopted: Thanatosa De'fairwryn

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

  • Height: 6ft 4in.
  • Skin: Pale ice blue
  • Hair: Aqua
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Tattoos: Across the eyes.
  • Distinguishing features: There is a strange black rune marked to her left palm under her thumb
  • Attire: Druid garb or earth tones.
  • Jewelry: None
  • Weapon of choice: Staff or Bees.
  • Voice: Has a young tone, cheerful.

Behavior & Personality

Fay is an all around good natured person. She likes to good off, have fun and hang with friends.

However, she has some strange ideas when it comes to Bees. She feels they are the "cure all" and believes they are needed to help people who are possessed. They are also good for defeating demons, undead and angry people. At times, mending tools to Fay consists of red sticky berries and twigs.

History Edit

Little is known about Fay's history. Her Father, Roe, was a paranoid man and kept his daughter and wife within the "Safety" of their home in Ashenvale's forests. Roe was scholar and noble who frequented the Darnassus political scene.

Fay lead a pretty uneventful life. Studying in the foot steps of her father to be a druid and politician. All this changed when her father brought home a girl he introduced to her as her long lost cousin.

Along side her new best friend, Thanatosa. Fay set out on a series of adventures through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. (Check back for links to stores currently being written.)

Most her ambitions to be a healer and politician ended with the tragic death of her parents. Since then she sticks to her tailoring and aiding Shadow Song.

In Comics Edit

Fay has been in the following comics.

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