General InformationEdit

Name: Faylien Northwind, called "Fay" by friends.

Age: 120

Gender: Male

Birthplace: On the coast of Quel'Thalas.

Birthdate: June 4th

Home: A tower constructed on the coast of Quel'Thalas, not far from where he was born.

Occupation: Healer for the Horde in various locations, where ever he is assigned. Also trains Blood Knight recruits. He is the Guild Master of Gold and Glory.

Relatives: Vahlaris Wylde - Sister; Kilrayn Wylde - Nephew (Vahlaris' son); Mathias Wylde - Father (deceased); Maleficous - Uncle.

Guild: Gold and Glory

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Height: 6'1"

Weight / Build: 190, muscular.

Skin tone: Pale due to prolonged illness.

Scars and other features: Patchy scars caused by fire, though most are rarely seen. The tip is missing from his left ear. He has two diagonal scars on his right cheek and another in the center of his lower back.

Hair: Gray-white, usually kept very short to avoid it getting in the way. Originally it was black. When feeling the need for change he likes to dye it red.

Eyes: Mossy green. Before the fel taint his eyes were gray, much the color his hair is now


Generally, Faylien wears the armor best suited to his needs: plate. His body is used to the additional weight and he carries himself well regardless of it. When not on the battlefield or healing for a group that seems hellbent on getting themselves killed, he wears casual clothing, usually a long sleeve shirt and pants. Faylien tends to be smiling, unless he is disgusted with the poor progression of his trainees, getting maces pitched at him does not help that. Faylien can be seen with burn marks or grease smudges on his skin and clothing now and again.

Childhood and the Early YearsEdit

Eversong: A Sweet MelodyEdit

For much of his childhood, Faylien was blissfully unaware of the goings on of the outside world. He played in the forest around his home, venturing off only so far before returning. The forest was one of his few escapes from home and a foul relality. When not at home or exploring his small corner of the world, Faylien would visit his uncle, who--though he was his brother's twin--was thankfully nothing like Faylien's father. His step mother, a Rogue in all respects, was a vicious woman who wanted nothing more than to scrape her husband's spawn off her boot, and she made it known. If not for his uncle and playmate Lisandra, one wonders how the boy would have turned out.

It's from his Uncle that Faylien learned about the healing arts and became interested in becoming a Priest. Of course, this was not meant to be. After years of suffering under his father's thumb, Faylien left his home.

Seeking Out VahlarisEdit

Upon leaving home, Faylien searched for his older sister, his senior by many years. He had heard little of her from his father, who seemed to want nothing to do with the girl and Faylien was glad for that. With what information he had, he traveled to Silvermoon City to meet with a contact, an Officer in Nechi Towataki, a guild lead by a wastrel. The woman would later become his Adopted Mother, and she would be a guiding force in his life for years to come. She, Akutenshi Bloodwind, was a Warlock and a manipulative and charismatic woman, much like his sister, he would come to learn. Vahlaris, a Warlock as well, had been with Nechi Towataki for some time. They had become family to her, and would soon be the same for Faylien. Though Vahlaris didn't much care for her brother, she took him under her wing and helped him cope with issues he could not forget.

The Light: Becoming a PaladinEdit

There is something alluring about the warmth of the Light as it flows through the body and out the hands, be it restorative or destructive. This is what drew Faylien, and many others to the Light over the years. He was first shown the possiblities open to him by his uncle, who was a Priest. Like his uncle, Faylien wanted to do some good in the world, especially after the coming of Arthas and the departure from home.

Eventually, he joined the Blood Knight Order. Soon after, Faylien realized that he would have to fight hard to earn the respect he desired. He trained for days on end to show the slightest improvment and some time later, he grew physically and mentally to his full potential.

Though he wields the Light with grace, Faylien has struggled with his inner demons, a constant reminder of who he is and how he was raised. He has been quoted saying "I have never said I am a moral man.", still, many stand by him.

Gold and GloryEdit

The Making of the GuildEdit

Faylien played only a small role in the guild that is now sixty members strong. They pride themselves in being close knit, like a family. Many members from Nechi Towataki joined this guild after jumping ship, helping form the structure of it. It is outside of Brill that the guild first set up camp. Being mercenaries, they went to where the jobs were. For a time they traveled from place to place, never staying in one area for more than two months. This suited them. But when the gates to Dalaran were reopened, when the mages let the public in, this guild was one of the first to purchase land. This land just happened to have a large abandoned inn on the premise.

When Power Changes HandsEdit

The first Guild Master of Gold and Glory was Akutenshi Bloodwind, Faylien's adopted mother. Though she was reluctant to take on the position, she grew accustomed to the responsibility and enjoyed it more than she let on. Aku, as many called her, was a very charismatic woman, passive agressive and manipulative as well, but in a subtle way that her members never seemed to notice. She was a loved leader. As time passed Akutenshi felt a growing unease within her, the twisting of her mind. Over the course of a couple years the paranoia of insanity ate at her until only shreds of what was once a great woman remained. One night, it all became too much. Akutenshi exploded in a fiery rage. Flames bathed the hall and everything in it, including her adopted son. The blaze roared, consuming many tomes and belongings in an instant, were it not for the benevolence of a Guild Officer, who arrived minutes later, Faylien would have met a rather crispy end. The Shaman doused the flames and did what she could for the young Paladin, but extensive damage had already been done. Akutenshi was nowhere to be found. As the third highest ranking officer in the guild and the Guild Mistress' son, the position fell on him. Like his adopted mother, he was hesitant to accept the role, but he has since found that he has a knack for it.

Saying Goodbye to DalaranEdit

With business expanding, the guild branched into Trade, the Underground, and Bootlegging. Via neutral ports, the guild brought materials and resources to the Horde at a more affordable cost. However, this made them a target for unwanted visitations by members of the Alliance. The inability to lawfully protect themselves or their belongings forced Faylien to make a decision. Ultimately, the Guild moved from Dalaran to a place where it would be easier to do business in the open without worrying about the Kirin Tor. Faylien requested that the Rogues in the guild use their connections with Ravenholdt to rent out if not buy the land. After talks, an agreement was made and the guild packed its bags and handed the key of the building in Dalaran to its new owner.

Relationships: Romantic and PlatonicEdit

Due to being secretive about all of his interactions, there are no known "romantic" relationships. However, he has many acquaintances and friends that he holds dear. More will be written on this later.

Serving the OrderEdit

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