Introduction Edit

FlagRSP2 is one of several addons available for World of Warcraft that allows users to create and view descriptions of other characters.

You have the ability to enter a title, name, flavor quote, and other things related your character as well as a description. How much or little information you give is up to you and dependent on your style of play. You may set windows to not show under certain circumstances or hide them.

It's a good idea to avoid information in RSP descriptions that might not be appropriate for all ages, as they are probably against WOW's TOS and also not appreciated by everyone. Exercise decency and avoid excessive gore, swearing, and overly-sexual content.

How it WorksEdit

FlagRSP2 uses a channel to communicate data across WOW to other players. This channel is also used for other addons with similar purposes, making FlagRSP2 compatible with other addons like MyRoleplay.

If you spend time on both Alliance and Horde, you will find yourself able to see the RSPs of the opposite faction of both sides as you will get RSPs from both sides when you are on that side's comm channel.


Downloadable here.