Gryphonheart ItemsEdit

With the addon GHI a player can create RP props, storing them in a special bag only used for created items, and can also trade these props with other players who have GHI as an active addon.

These items do not show up in game, are not usable in normal gameplay, and are exclusive only to those with GHI. They may create "buffs" which also do not affect gameplay and are seen only by fellow GHI users. The mod is exclusively an RP tool and does not violate ToS.

For example, a player can create a "Sword of a Thousand Truths" and have it be of legendary quality. This sword will have no stats, will not be equipable, and will basically do nothing to help the player pwn so much as a Mottled Boar.

Gryhonheart Items can be found here and downloaded safely.

Index of items Edit

A collection of items created by Argent Dawn players can be found here.