Name:Ghemarian howlmoon



Family:never knew his father,his mother was a retired engineer.

Home:Rut'theran village,teldrassil


Weight:217 pounds.

Nicknames:the wild man,the tamer,Ghem,cat-god.

History Edit

Ghemarian,although noticable than other elves,was always a hard worker at anything,even when he was a child he always worked hard to make neds meet,his mother,a respected engineer,was always working on a crazy invention,but Ghemarian never wanted to do anything like that,so,when he got enough money he took a boat to StormWind city,and thought of what he could there.

"Hmm,what kind of job would i want when i grow up?"Ghem thought to himself,suddenly,out of nowhere he hears screams from inside a nearby tavern.

Ghem goes into the tavern and sees a young human boy standing on top of a table surrounded by thugs,"Someone,help me!"the boy cried,"Stay away from him!"Ghem shouted at the large thugs,