Gipeto the Piper
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Guild The White Oath
Level 30

"Bless your heart, child. Bless your heart."

Biography Edit

  • Name: Gipeto
  • Race: Forsaken
  • Size: Small and Shakey
  • Age: mid 70s  
  • Occupation: Piper
  • Personality Sketch: Senile
  • Weaknesses: Rather cowardly and slow/frail.  
  • Description: Gipeto wears a face that can best be described as "frog-like."  He has large eyes and flat lips and frequently a confused or astonished expression.  (Think o__o)  He's balding, but usually covers his scalp with a silly cap, and wears clothes that seem a size too big.  (Though his pants are often pulled up nearly to his chest.)

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