"I know what I be...I be an orc...but not just any orc. I be da orc of old, da orc of legends. I be what you once strived for as a child, I be what causes da weak 'umans ta piss dem selves. I am an orc, a true orc!" -Gritzgore's
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Gritzgore and Ur'grosh Rogger

statement to a fallen enemy who asked why he killed a fellow orc.

Before Thrall's Reign Edit

Many years ago, when the orcs were nothing but savages and their glorious leader Orgrim Doomhammer led the orcish Horde, Gritzgore was nothing but a grunt amongst thousands of orcs. He never did anything special to stand out or really deserve any recognition in this time of his life, though he tends to label these years as his "golden years". Though of course, like any good orc, he killed his fair share of humans and dwarves and whatever else dare oppose the Horde and their mighty leader. Hearing and seeing his glorious leader take to the field was a sight that Gritzgore would never forget for the rest of his life. In time, it turned into how he chose to live his life. Of course, as fate would have it, the Horde was eventually defeated by the hands of some upstart lieutenant and even the great Doomhammer was captured. What became of Gritzgore during that time or even how he managed to survive remains a mystery, for even he refuses to say.

As it turned out, Gritzgore did indeed survive. However he was not alone in his flight from the defeated Horde. Amongst him were but a handful of orcs and trolls that, like him, barely escaped with their lives. Leaderless and without a cause, most of those around Gritzgore began to fall into a state of depression. Actually, the reverse happened for Gritzgore. Seeing his fellow comrades caused him to bellow a roar of rage and he proclaimed that this shall never happen again; crying to the heavens above that he will make a clan that shall withstand the sands of time. Looking before his warriors, he made a blood pact with them as he slit his forehead with his axe. In that bloody vow, Gritzgore promised to create a new clan from the ashes of the war that shall only be made up of the strongest of orcs and any Horde fighters. Thus, the Blood Skull Clan was born.

Rise and Fall of the Blood Skull Clan Edit

Time passed and indeed Gritzgore rallied quite a number of orcs and trolls to his banner. Quickly, like a bleeding wound, the number of clans men increased into the hundreds. How many actually joined it was hard to say but enough to cause quite a commotion. Though Gritzgore did indeed create a clan of the strongest warriors that the Horde had to offer, he never did openly declare war on any given race. Instead he took his clan and settled in the northern region of Lordaeron (now more commonly known as the plaguelands). The Blood Skulls were quick to build a village that soon developed into a fortified village that could not be easily taken. It was from this staging point that the Clan made its presence known. The Blood Skulls swiftly launched attacks on neighboring settlements on both humans and elves. They were smart enough not to attack for long, knowing that it would draw the attention of military force but when they striked, they struck hard. On every raid, the orcs and trolls would sever the heads of their victims and return them to the camp. It was there that their skulls were fashioned into trophies and their blood was turned into the war paint of the Blood Skulls. The blood of enemies soon became a simple of power and shamans even had it infused into some orcs so that they could simply call forth the blood to outline their skulls. Indeed the Clan made itself known and the elves and humans once again feared the orcs...but it was neither of them that ended the Clan.

Word reached Gritzgore's ears, rightly dubbed War Lord of the Clan, of Thrall becoming the new Warchief of the Horde and his exodus to Kalimdor. What sounded like a bright and new future to many, Gritzgore saw it as folly and dismissed it, choosing instead to stay in the lands of Lordaeron. Of course some shamans and warriors spoke out their displeasure against their War Lord's decision; however they were swiftly silenced from a swing of Gritzgore's axe. In truth, it was this decision to stay behind that doomed the Clan. It didn't take long for the Scourge to begin head north to the elven realm. This path of course would put the Scourge into a head on collision with the Blood Skulls. The night before the Scourge would be upon them, Gritzgore gave a rallying speech and the night air was filled with cries for blood and the drums of the tribal orcs. The follow morning, battle ensued as the Blood Skulls fought for their very existence. However even their ferocity could not overcome the Scourge and they too were swept away in the tide of gibbering ghouls. It appeared that all that was the Blood Skull Clan was now no more; their village destroyed and all living beings were now dead. Save for one...A pile of orc bodies, too badly to be turned into undead, laid still until it exploded abruptly with a figure now where the mound stood. Gritzgore roared his rage and frustration to the skies above. A roar that made even nature whimper.

Present Time Edit

Again, this part of Gritzgore's history remains a shroud of mystery but as cruel fate would have it, Gritzgore did indeed join Thrall's Horde. Like a grunt again, he did his duty to the Horde and received praises for his exploits but it mattered not to the old orc. In truth, Gritzgore harbored a secret hatred for what the orcs became...they were civilized. It was as if their very history died out and they no longer cared for what they once were. Although Gritzgore never openly spoke this aloud, save for those he trusted, but it could be seen by the keen eye in his speech and his eyes. This hatred has simmered down as time passed, however it still remains in his green body...somewhere.

Along Gritzgore's journeys he made an unlikely companion: a wolf. He wasn't a beast tamer but Gritzgore watched this wolf fight back two adult bears with a tenacity and savageness that reminded him of something that he held dear. Without a second thought, Gritzgore now jumped into the fray, easily slaying the bears. However wolves are not people and as soon as the bears were slain, the wolf pounced on Gritzgore. The wolf and Gritzgore must have wrestled for five minutes but in the end, the wolf lied on its stomach panting and Gritzgore rested next to it, doing the same. An unspoken respect and relationship formed on that day and this wolf became Gritzgore's mount. Seeing and experiencing the wolf's battle prowess, Gritzgore named his wolf in his old tongue: Ur'grosh Rogger (Dwarf Basher). As Gritzgore grew into a more hardened battle veteran, so did Ur'grosh, the wolf's fur even began to grow darker as it passed through more battles till the point it was completely black.

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Gritz riding Rezneil

As of right now, Gritzgore has formed many relationships with many races of the Horde. Time has indeed changed Gritzgore as well, from a rampaging behemoth to a rather reserved old warrior. However that doesn't mean he's lost any ferocity when it comes to combat. Lately, Gritzgore has come to realize that many seem to have forgotten who Orgrim Doomhammer is and that can't sit with one such as Gritzgore. And so, Gritzgore has formed a new band of warriors: The Sons of Doomhammer. What has started as a simple band of warriors has slowly expanded now into a thriving guild of people who uphold the the name Orgrim Doomhammer. This has brought great joy to Gritzgore and continues to run the guild with determination and true orcy-ness. In fact, the teachings of Doomhammer have become something of a life style and almost religious following to the orc.

Further travels all over the realm, from Azeroth to Outlands, have lead Gritzgore to encounter many more interesting creatures and beings. One of worth noting is his current flying companion. Rezneil. Rezneil is one of the Netherdrakes from Outlands and noticed Gritzgore's unrelenting strength and disdain of the fel orcs, as Gritz put it, "They need fel magic to become powerful? What a load of crap." Their continued travels in Northrend only furthered Rezneil's interest in his greenskin rider as time and time again Gritzgore continued to show a proud sense of honor and respect where it was due, even amongst enemies. The Netherdrake continues to fly the Orc where he requires and often adds his own sound advice to Gritzgore's moments of thinking (when they occur).

The Death of ArthasEdit

With the defeat and death of Arthas, former Lich King, Gritz has been a bit different because of it. He did not partake in the group that slew him and because of that he felt cheated out of what was his goal in life for about a decade. At the same time, however, he felt released of this ever pressing hatred for Arthas. The voices of his clansmen no longer troubled him in sleep for their killer was now dead with them. This was indeed a welcomed thing in his life but at the same time he still felt as if he failed them. However this feeling of self loathing was not a word in the green skin's dictionary and Gritzgore soon rose from his knees to his feet in those snowy plains. There were new people who needed him now. The Sons and Daughters of Doomhammer needed him to continue to lead them and with huff of new determination, Gritzgore has turned his back to the frozen plains. Back amongst the Horde's lands, Gritz has now continued to ever expand his relationship with the Sons and Daughters, as their leader and fellow warrior. To help better not only himself but also the guild, Gritzgore has taken up the hammer and has been hard at work in the forges, making and repairing armor and weapons for his comrades and himself. To this effect he even goes out on his own to fetch his own ore.

Too Easy
For now, the green skin seems occupied with his professions and bettering his comrades but like the orc that he is, it will not be too long before he resumes doing what he loves most: Fighting and Killing members of the Alliance. With the recent boredom that seems to afflicting the Horde, Gritz's attention has turned to just that. Though his attacks are not as reoccuring as they might have once been, the Blood Skull warrior is out once more to hunt for his trophy skulls and good fights.

Misc. Info (In Game, etc.) Edit

Name: Gritzgore

Age: 47

Realm: Argent Dawn

Guild: Sons of Doomhammer

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior (Arms Spec)

Level: 80

Favored Weapon: 2H Axe


  -Gush (Friend)

  -Elastus (Pupil, like a brother)

  -Kalinaj (Lich that he doesn't trust all too well)

  -Arthas (Object of his hate)

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