Name: Halcifer Swiftrune

Race: Blood Elf

Gender: Male

Age: Young (in Blood Elf lifespan)

Birthplace: A camp deep within the forests of Eversong

Occupation: Wandering Paladin, occasional day-saver

Family: Koros Swiftrune(adoptive father), Unknown Blood Elf father (presumed deceased), Unknown Human mother(presumed deceased), Delgeah Swiftrune(step-sister), Darusin Swiftrune(step-brother)

Chief Associates:Agency(for a short while)Blood Knights(no longer a full member)The Swiftrune family,

Affiliations: Caffeine (guild)

Alignment: Neutral/Chaotic Good

It ain't easy being greenEdit

When setting out upon their journey, many heroes aim to be remembered in songs and legends for millenia to come. Halcifer is not one of those heroes. He sports a coal black, spiky 'do with added scraggly goatee. His eyes give off an ever-present feeling of boredom, almost never staying fully open. His left ear, with various white scars from a particularly nasty encounter with a certain Agency Night Elf, droops slightly lower then the other. Indeed, he just might be the worst paladin ever to walk from the walls of Silvermoon City, a fact he fully accepts. It is because of this acceptance, according to him, that he no longer has those pesky "Grandiose delusions." Thus, he is already better than half the paladins that walk from the walls of Silvermoon City.


Found in an abandoned merchant deep in the the Eversong Woods, tattered but unharmed, Halcifer was discovered by the humble Koros Swiftrune at a very young age. Raised by the wisened and loving "Old-Beard"(as Halcifer calls him), Halcifer quickly grew to be one of the family (along with Koros' two other children.) the paladin-to-be learned many of his basic life-skills here, such as cooking, manners, cleaning, sewing, and how to most effectively lob the head off an attacking dragonhawk. As the years passed, Halcifer and his siblings were recommended by Koros to train in the newly forged Blood Knights. Impressing them with his combat prowess, despite the lack of any official training, Halcifer was inducted as a recruit to the blood knight order, and over the course of a year learned to fully harness the Naaru's light.

However, while on a scouting mission in the Ghostlands, Halcifer's group was attacked by Scourge forces, leaving over half of the group (including Darusin) dead. Upon returning to Silvermoon City, the deceased recruits were givewn no more than a quick burial, with some pretty words and false sorrow thrown in. Upon seeing this, Halcifer soon came to the realization that, in the broad scope of the Blood Knight beaurocracy, they were nothing more than numbers. With new resolve to aid those who truly needed it, Halcifer soon left the Blood Elf capital, hoping to honor the souls of those who died with honor by helping end the plight of darkness in Azeroth.


  • Witty, with a somewhat dark sense of humor
  • Largely indifferent to those whose beliefs clash with his.
  • Though his resolve to aid the people is genuine, he will not turn down a reward.
  • Prefers the indoors

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