Halyra Wildhoof
Faction Horde
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Gender Female
Guild Caffeine
Age 54(Young adult)

This excitable tauren is always up to help somebody and will be the first in line at the prospect of adventure. Despite her small stature(As far as tauren go) she is so full of energy that, at times, one might think she is hyperactive. She also has an incredibly positive vision of life and only the most terrible events could ever sap her mood.

Physically, Halyra is far from being fat, but is not entirely skinny either. She is also very short, has a light frame and does not have much muscles to compensate. This caused her some problems as a child as her frailty prevented her from training as a warrior like every member of her tribe had for several generations. The color of her eyes is not unlike that of an emerald. Her reddish-brown fur is always kept clean and smells of various herbs.