Biography Edit

Some Physical Characteristics & General Information

  • Birth Date: 09/02
  • Home: Travel
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Finding Lost Knowledge, Art, Writing, Reading.
  • Magic: Runic, Enchanting, Dark.
  • Skin: Strong Light Purple, Light Baby Blue
  • Clothing: Her clothing is usually the finest dresses, Made from the finest Highborne silk. But some of them are so old they are torn.
  • Weaponry: She usually carries around. Daggers. One handed long swords. And most of all Staffs. She ALWAYS carries Staff.
  • Scars: She has a scar on her left eye. Her left are is nothing but a shoulder with torn bite marks on it (INORGE THE FACT THAT SHE HAS A LEFT ARM IN THE PICTURE, I just forgot the fact that. SHE HAS NO LEFT ARM). Her back is filled with dragon scratches and wip lashes.
  • Tattoos: (As you can tell from the picture) She has Demonic markings all over her top half and mid thigh and mid upper arm. She has a Moon mark on her four head to symbolize that she is with The Moonreaver. Her waist or mid way back has a large crying eye on it there is no connection to what it symbolizes.
  • Teeth: Now her teeth seem normal until you see her canine teeth. They are sharper and longer then the average kaldorei teeth.
  • Rites of Passage: Her Rites of Passage are a mix between. Wings and Crane.
  • Makeup: What?...Haha...Really?...I only wear that on occasions if I am even bothered to then.
  • Nails: Longer then Tyrande's.
  • Ears: Longer than the average Male kaldorei. Scratches. And Bites.
  • Jewellery: Golden Dangling Hoops. Dangling Silver Moons. Dangling Golden Tears. And Golden Dangling Triangle. Two Pendants. And an Fel Amulet. And Golden Rings.
  • Breast: Her cup size is the very small size. It's a B-cup
  • Main body: Her rip cage curvy it starts out with a wide top and curvies smaller to reach her. Waist where it is almost smaller then the average kaldorei female but it isn't unhealthly thin it's just right then her waist slowly curvies outwards as it reaches her. Hips her hips are a little larger than her rip cage. Her stomach has more detail on it then the average kaldorei. She looks like she has a 2 pack. She has strong stomach muscle.
  • Legs: Her hips carries on as it slowly curvies downwards and inwards then go out wards as it reaches her mid thighs so it makes her thighs then. It goes more downwards and inwards as it makes somewhat small but strong knees then. It goes downwards and outwards to make the mid way of her downer legs then they go inwards the lower it goes. As you reach her ankles which are quite small. As you reach her feet her feet are quite long they're the length of the average kaldorei male. Her toes are like an every other average kaldorei female.
  • Navel/Belly Button: Her navel is an inny it's shaped like an oval. And if she has a dress that shows her stomach. Or if you see her with out her dress on you will see that her navel is pierced. With gold or silver. They may even be adorned with jewels, crystals, diamonds, rubies, jems. Any type of stones.

Perosonality Edit

  • The Usual: Usually she seems very nice. And caring she supports the people close to her. Like friends. She can be funny. Or laughable mostly.
  • The Unusual: You will have to find out that....*Giggle*.

Traits Edit

Her traits. Can be unexplainable. Because they can change. Sometimes. She is Wise and Knowledgeable. Sometimes she can be Funny and Laughable. Sometimes she can be Sweet and Cute. Sometimes she can be Grumpy and Moody. Or Anger. But some people think she is rather Cute when she is anger.

More About Edit

She was born before the Sundering and the War of the Ancient. She was born around the time when there was peace Between the Highborne and the Kaldorei. She was born in Zin'Azshari. With her two loving parents. But she grew up in Zin'Azshari very shortly she only lived there from 1-3. And then was sent to Moonreaver'Aran-dor'Thalas. This was a great city. But was not known by many. It was only known by the members of the royal family or. The members of the Moonreaver. A Priestess of the city found her crying outside of the cities walls. She brought. To check with the High Priestess of what they should do with the baby girl. So they thought to keep her in secret so no one would know of an outsider in they're walls. So they High Priestess told her followers to teach this girl in the ways of there magic's. But they found it wasn't necessary. Because there Que-...Leader found her. In Enu'Val-Arauk or the Temple of the Priestesses. When the girl was just 4 years old. The leader observed the 4 year old girl closely. Looking over every part of the 4 year old's body. When the High Priestess and the Priestesses came back from they're mission/task they found there leader leaning over the 4 year old. They ran over to they're leader. Trying to explain themselves without telling they're leader the truth and that the 4 year old wasn't an outsider but just a lost villager. But they failed because they're leader was more wiser and smarter. Because of her age. And how long she has lived for. So they had to break the truth to her that the 4 year old was an outsider. That was right outside of they're city walls. So she accepted they're truth and thought of what she should do with the 4 year old and why was it right outside of they're city walls. So she told them she would take the 4 year old into the Moonreaver Palace. As she researched the 4 year old even more she found a note that was stock down at the left side of the 4 year old's crib. So she took the note and read about the child. She found this child was her niece. That was brought to her for her to look after. And that the 4 year olds name was a simple one. It was Ethil'rosa. So she thought of the name Xah'avaes. And so the new Princess was born. She took the child in and treated Xah'avaes as her daughter.

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