Name: Huilam d'Averc

Race: Blood elf

Gender: Male

Age: 115 (just past adulthood)

Occupations: Paladin of the Horde, part-time student, amateur alchemist

Former Occupations: Farmhand, short-order cook, alchemist's assistant

Birthplace: A farm in the former southern Eversong Forest, now the Ghostlands

Family members: Parents Sicart and Estaci d'Averc, brother Maurice, sister Adrienne de Cambrais, brother-in-law Benoit de Cambrais, nephew Remy, cousin Eregnor Seysses

Other associates: Jean-Francois de Morangias, friend and adventuring partner

Organizations: Caffeine, Blood Knights

What You Will SeeEdit

When not wearing his plate field armor, Huilam wears clothing that strictly adheres to last season's latest fashions. He is large and well-built for an elf, so his clothing often fits somewhat poorly. He developed his bulk with years spent in agricultural labor, but his muscles are not well-chiseled after the fashion of showboating strong-men. His strawberry-blond hair is always elaborately arranged, if he can help it, and in a different style every few weeks. He typically carries a large hammer in the field, and a lightweight sword back in civilization.

Huilam is often seen in the company of Jean-Francois de Morangias. When in Dalaran, he can often be found sitting at the front of any free lectures being held, furiously scribbling notes in a decidedly non-linear format, and is accompanied by his Kirin Tor familiar.

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