Biography Edit


Fresh bananas for the whole crew, Mr. Fossy.

  • Name: Icharus Hawkwing
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Size: Tall and gaunt.
  • Age: 210.
  • Guild: Ani Ayastigi
  • Occupation: He's the best at what he does, and what he does isn't very nice.
  • Personality Sketch: Clever. Scheming. Slightly loose grip on sanity and reality.
  • Weaknesses: Complete and full addiction to Fel Magicks, and the sustenance they provide.
  • Birthplace: Silvermoon City.
  • Home: A rented flat in Dalaran.
  • Family: Unknown/Lost to the Scourge.
  • Description: Long raven hair. He often has immaculately tailored clothes, often done by his own hand. At times his hands and face are dirty, ruddy, and sometime bloodstained from a lack of proper post-battle hygiene.
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Particulars Edit

As the years go by, and the strength of the Blood Elves rise and ebb like the tide, Icharus has grown more distrustful and alienated by his own kind. Seeing the current generation as hedonistic, decadent fools who live for small pleasures and meaningless melodrama, he has grown to a near eugenic belief in the preservation of his kind. He distances himself from, and berates fellow Blood Elves until he believes they are a boon to the survival of his people, and not a hindrance.