Iggywiz is Lozgil's secretary.

"Lok'gra dismissed a small noise to his right but finally glanced down when it persisted.  “Appointment, sir?” a small goblin inquired adjusting the reading glasses on his nose.  “What—appointment?  How long has Lozgil had a secretary?” Lok’gra hunched over as he spoke with the goblin.  The goblin displayed an annoyed expression and continued, “I prefer day-planner.  Do you have an appointment?”  “Of course I don’t. I’ve been doing business with Lozgil for years and I’ve never had to--” Lok’gra sighed with annoyance and walked towards the staircase dismissively.  The secretary drew in his breath to object but Lok’gra had already ascended.  With a sigh and a mutter he returned to flipping through his calendar."
-Across the Silver Sea