A tall man about the height of 7'9, Has dark purple skin that sometimes shines in the moonlight though there are cracks in this mans skin where there is fel coming out of them there Is also green hue coming off of the fel cracks, His hair Is silky and long and is black like the dark night sky but he usually keeps it up in a short ponytail and sprat plats that are on each side of his chest, He has scars on his body from the harsh battles and training in the past. His eyes are the shape of a normal Kaldorei his eyes are the color of fel'green a strong hue forms around his eyes the fel is like raging fire, His arms are toned and muscular, His stomach Is a steel six pack, His canine' are almost the normal size of a demons, His nails are longer then the normal Kaldorei and are black colored.

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