The stories of Incapernium Mabry Frostwynn, eldest of the "Inky Sisters."


  • Garth Frostwynn (Father)
  • Maribel Frostwynn (Mother)
  • Incapori Grae Frostwynn (Sister)
  • Incapathia Merilan Frostwynn (Sister)
  • Incaperia Gwynn Frostwynn (Sister)
  • Incaptera Milian Frostwynn (Sister)
  • Incapathium Gethlyn Frostwynn (Sister)
  • Incapelli Mariel Frostwynn (Sister)

Meager beginnings.Edit

In life, Incapernium grew up with a large family who traveled all through out Azeroth doing anything and everything Garth felt like doing. His motto for life was "Happiness is measured in memories, not in money." As Inky grew up, that's how she came to look at things. When she was 16 she was married off to Clarke Droogsman, a wood cutter who was told his only duty was to have children. It was an uneventful marriage, and Inky found herself very resentful towards settling down in a permanent spot, on the borders of Ashenvale and Azshara. From the time she was married, until the day she died, she never heard a word from her family again, but that wasn't the last of it. Inky toiled her days away, working endlessly for the coins her husband so desired, worrying and wanting a way out of her helpless situation. The most eventful day of her life was only three days after her 19th birthday, she had decided that she could not suffer another year of living this life she had been forced into. Inky made her way to the apothecary's to procure a solution for her demise. At the shop Jerial questioned her breifly, gave her a small package and sent her on her way. By the time she was home and had opened the package, she was convinced that she did not infact want this, but she saw no other way out. She opened the package, which had a note attached to it, the note simply said "Your child needs you." Inky was beyond joy, and waiting eagerly for Clarke to come home to share her happy news with. Clarke came home, late that night, rushed through the door, screaming. Clarke was terrified for himself and his wife, and although he did not know it exsisted, the life of his unborn child. The plague had hit, and the town was infected. Inky died, later that week, thankfully not to rise as a mindless lich, like that of Clarke, and her parents, and a few of her sisters. Some sisters never rose, but years later, Inky woke up.

Undead or AliveEdit

As soon as Incapernium had woken from death she found herself alone. Her sisters were gone, her parents were gone, her husband was gone. The only thing she had with her was the child that would never be, and would never leave. Moments after being awoken she found herself learning of the events that had happened since her death, and had made up her mind to come to aide and fight against the Scourge, and vowed to one day avenge herself, her unborn child that she had nicknamed June, and her family. She quickly realized this was cliche and dismissed the idea, choosing to grow and fight and see where her unlife took her. Being as clumsy now as she waws in real life, she threw out the notion of being a physical fighter and stuck to the subjects that interested her most in life: Shadow. She started her training under a quasiunimpressive instructor until she became strong enough to move her sights onto greater names. While learning a few new spells very early on, Inky encountered another Shadower, Zhe'Nergul. They joined forces and rose quickly through their ranks together. There was much about Zhe'Nergul Inky did not know, and little she would ask, but over time she came to know him far better than she'd ever hoped. She told him everything about herself, except for the unborn child that accompanied them on their journeys together.

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