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|Argent Dawn

Doomfist Chronicles

Lord Irulon Doomfist was a human male born in Deathknell.  He had had quite a harsh life, but had worked his way up the Argent Dawn ladder and was eventually the head guard of a well known High Dawn Lord, Lord Aldarion.  While not as attached to his "Lord" title as Lord Aldarion, still he had much pride in it.  Irulon died when he was accidently cleaved in the spine by one his orc friends, Grok'thar.  Irulon was ressurected by Lord Aldarion, who had found him in Ashenvale.  Irulon had led an Argent Dawn army within Stromgarde, but the Scourge had amassed an army large enough to destroy it and all within, except Irulon, who had escaped through a crack in the back walls of the town.  Soon after, all of the lieutenants and Lord Aldarion had suddenly gone missing.  Irulon, realizing that the Argent Dawn had figuratively imploded, searched for refuge within the Hillsbrad Foothills and after a brutal assault from undead bears, Irulon has succeeded the former leader of the encampment, which consisted of Argent Crusade members.  Irulon was in a terrible tragedy.  However, Irulon and Lord Aldarion seemed to finally put their differences aside, and remembered the true greatness in eachother, to fortify the true Argent Crusade.  Not much later, however, tragedy after tragedy had befallen Irulon.   

Irulon the Immortal

Irulon when he was part of the soon-to-be-annihilated Argent Dawn.

==Birth and Childhood==

One day, in the miniature town of Deathknell, (the citizens unaware of why someone would name a place such a name), a baby was born. However, this was not any ordinary baby. This baby was Irulon Llane... a legend born of Azshir Llane and Isabella Llane. Irulon Llane grew up with Leonid Barthalomew. They were the best of friends, but they also were quite mischievious.

They annoyed King Terenas Menethil II enough to make any man mad. They also liked to play pranks on any newcomers to Deathknell. They were truly great friends during their childhood.

==The Lich King calls, The Unthinkable Happens...==

Irulon grew up, however, he and Leonid grew apart. Irulon travelled to Silverpine Forest and Northern Lordaeron to do errands for the king. Irulon was prideful in his duties and failed only a few times. Soon after, Irulon trained to be a champion of Lordaeron and protect the king at all costs.

On one day, however, Irulon heard a call inside his head that made him quiver. The voice spoke "Come... to the frozen wastes of Northrend. Serve me, and eternal immortality shall be yours." These calls came only once every few weeks, but they started becoming more and more common. A final time Irulon refused, the voice warned him of an imminent danger looming above, awaiting their order. The voice promised Irulon that Irulon would serve the voice, one way or another. After a sleepless night, at about 4:00 P.M., Irulon heard a scream that made his blood freeze and his forehead sweat. He looked out his window and saw an army of rotting bodies attacking his village, and setting it to the flame, as well as killing innocents and raising them to join the attack. Irulon and his family huddled together, but a knock came onto their door. Irulon's parents, Isabella and Azshir lost all hope, and told Irulon to be a good boy and said their farewells, which confused Irulon. They then threw him down the basement, and locked it tight. Irulon hid under the stairs, confused, frightened, and feeling lost. He then heard the most frightening screams that changed his life forever. Azshir and Isabella Llane were raised. Luckily, nobody came down to find him, and within an hour, their was but a silence. Irulon climbed up the stairs to find a ravaged village, a ghost town, with nothing to greet him but the cold, chilly dark.

==Irulon becomes a Legend==

Irulon headed out to find and warn King Terenas, but found he had been slain. Irulon ran into the forest of Tirisfal Glades endlessly hoping to find someone, but he found nothing but animals. After an unknown amount of time living on beasts, the forest became corrupt, and the animals with it. Irulon ran, and soon, he found a great cathedral, with humans wearing red armor. This was the Scarlet Crusade. Irulon joined their ranks to purge the undead from Azeroth. Irulon met Alexandros Mograine, who took Irulon in as his apprentice. Alexandros renamed Irulon to Irulon Doomfist, to give him a new life. Unfortunately, this friendship was not fated to last. Alexandros Mograine headed to Stratholme, only to be killed by his son, Renault. After High Inquisitor Fairbanks warned the Crusade about it, he was slaughtered by Renault. Many stayed in the Crusade, and forgot about Alexandros. However, the wise ones formed a new order that would crush both the overzealous Crusade and the Scourge. This was the birth... of the Argent Dawn... and Irulon Doomfist the Argent Champion. And with his best friend Leonid again at his side, the duo vowed to avenge their parents' deaths, as well as the undeath of Leonid. The Lich King is not prepared...

File:Irulon True Form.jpg

==Dreadful Future==
While fighting for the Dawn, one day Irulon came upon Mord'Rethar, and saw a vast army of Scourge residing there.  However, he could not enter, as many Necromancers had held up a magical wall, preventing entry.  The Argent Crusade, the Dawn's younger brother faction, was attempting to siege the gates unsuccessful, but there was no escape, as a Flesh Giant was guardian a gate behind them.  Highlord Tirion Fordring had infiltrated the Scourge base with two of his most trusted lieutenants, but they knew they had no chance of fighting the thousands of lieutenants and their minions within without aid from the rest of the Crusade.  Irulon saw a mysterious figure in the sky.  It was a Death Knight on a Frost Wyrm.  Irulon attempted to run, but of no use, because of the gate the flesh giant guarded.  The Death Knight jumped down, and only wished to talk to Irulon.  The Death Knight told Irulon that his nickname was Plagueblade, and that he was the future version of Irulon, and then attempted to death grip one of Irulon's hands off of his arm, unsuccessful.  Irulon was shocked in disbelief, and pushed the Death Knight off of the ledge of the bridge to Mord'Rethar.  The Death Knight was almost caught by the frost wyrm, but the he signaled it to let him fall.  He smashed into the ground hard, and Irulon was speechless.  The Frost Wyrm oddly took Irulon up, and let him down safely near an Argent Crusade encampment, leaving Irulon down and confused, as well as leaving him to think about the event.


About a week after the strange events with the Death Knight, Irulon came upon an Orc in Ashenvale.  There were reports of subtle Scourge attacks, the Scourge apparently trying to finish what Archimonde started: destroying the World Tree.  The Orc was injured in Forest Song, and Irulon helped him recover.  He brought the Orc safely to his encampment near the Warsong fortress.  The Orcs didn't take too kindly to a Human encroaching on their lands, and they exiled the Orc for being a "coward."  The Orc befriended Irulon, however, as he realized that the Warsong Orcs were blind and overzealous in that area, and since Irulon saved him from death.  The Orc revealed himself to be named "Grok'thar."  The two found the Scourge army, and held their ground for a while, but it was of no use.  The Scourge surrounded them, and soon, a powerful Lich had arrived.  Irulon and Grok'thar both jumped to hit the Lich, unknowing that eachother had jumped, and Grok'thar misdirected his cleave and cut into Irulon's spine.  Irulon's paralyzed body smacked into the Lich, and they both fell to the ground.  Grok'thar also fell on them, however he had somehow escaped.  Eventually he returned to Orgrimmar, his mind too scarred to reveal what had happened after he fell on the Irulon and the Lich.  However, with the events that occured at Mord'Rethar, it can be presumed that the Death Knight was correct, and Irulon was raised.  It is unknown if true, however, as Irulon and the Lich haven't been seen since.

==Rescue Mission Code "S"==
Lord Aldarion himself sought to find Irulon, knowing the location of his mission. Lord Aldarion immediately felt the icy chill of death that was seeping through the forest. A foul scent permeated the air. Hours went by, but no luck. It seemed as if all hope was lost and Irulon was gone forever. Lord Aldarion then found a large, ominous portal, guarded by green dragonkin. They spotted him, and he fleed quickly. Eventually they stopped, and Lord Aldarion tripped over a root, and fell down into Xavian. He saw a few bushes next to him, and there seemed to be some sort of gushy berry juice flowing from the bush. Lord Aldarion pushed his hand to make way, when suddenly he jumped back, his very core frozen as the snow in the Dragonblight. He then quickly took his arm, and grabbed what had frightened him so much. Out came Irulon's broken corpse with a thump. Lord Aldarion frightened by the stench and the bloody corpse, began casting a true ressurection spell, when all of a sudden everything went black. Lord Aldarion awoke chained to walls he had not remembered ever seeing. He looked up and found one of the most terrifying sights ever. He had been imprisoned by monstrous satyrs. They had not noticed he had awoken. Lord Aldarion then looked to his side to see that they had chained up the lifeless Irulon as well. Lord Aldarion had screamed, and instinctively, the satyrs had ran toward the noise, holding their axes in air. They had made a grave mistake. They had cut the chains that held Lord Aldarion, and he was angered. Slipping past them swiftly, he found his axes, picked them up, and found himself to have been parried. He swung many times but they were intelligent and cunning. He swung and swung, a slight sound of cutting the air following every swing. One had snuck up behind him with a razor sharp dagger, and had charged at him. Lord Aldarion then pushed himself with his axes on the other satyr's axe, and went straight through the charging satyr's legs. The charging satyr had just impaled the other one. Lord Aldarion then got up, and found himself dueling a gigantic, yet fast satyr, now with two daggers. Lord Aldarion swung and swung, eventually cutting into the very neck of the satyr, with a terrifiyng scream following. The satyr fell to the stone-pathed ground. Lord Aldarion then axed off Irulon's chains, and caught him. He casted a true ressurection spell, and Irulon slowly came back to life, his wounds mysteriously healing through some odd enlightening aura. They had escaped, not alarming the other satyrs.

==Stromgarde Supreme - The Cost of Fame==
Irulon had finally led an Argent Dawn army within Stromgarde, and they rebuilt it to its former glory, but for the Argent Dawn. They had seemingly unstoppable defenses. Life had been great for months, the city's economy boasting no troubles. People forgetting about needed protection entirely. Life was perfect. However, they had thought wrong, and payed the price. All had been awoken by the very ground rumbling. The defenders were all lined up, even the very true elite Night Elf guardian, who held two great warglaives resembling Illidan's. He had single handedly taken down a gronn once! However, the Scourge had amassed an army large enough to destroy him. They killed him with relative ease. They then slaughtered innocent bystanders. The city fell apart, memories of the its first fall coming back to all. They had taken down the chapel, the mage tower, and almost every house. Irulon knew what to do. He knew everyone within the city was doomed. He escaped through a crack in the back walls of the town. Escaping the entire surroundings unseen, he had regrets, but he knew there was nothing he could've done. After hours of roaming the Arathi grounds, a messenger had found Irulon and told him that all of the lieutenants of the Dawn and Lord Aldarion had suddenly gone missing. Irulon, realizing that the Argent Dawn had figuratively imploded, buried his Argent Dawn tabard and all banners in the Arathi Highlands soil. He searched for refuge within the Hillsbrad Foothills. Dangerously near the Horde town, Tarren Mill, an Argent Crusade encampment had rested. He joined their little encampment, as well as the Argent Crusade. One the first night, a brutal assault came from undead bears. They had mortally wounded the camp leader. Realizing Irulon's potential, they made him successor of the encampment, the former leader's dying words agreed to this.

==Betrayal Revealed==

After many months of traversing as the leader of the Argent Crusade encampment, Irulon had uncovered his lost Argent Dawn fellows, Lord Aldarion and Rose Silverleaf.  Irulon had left his sect leadership to another member, and joined Lord Aldarion's cause.  However, after recruiting another member to their team, Irulon had felt guilty and uncovered a past of betrayal and team-tragedy.  Irulon had uncovered that it was he who had been the one, for the most part, who had secretely destroyed some of their guild bases.  Lord Aldarion and Rose were shocked.  Lord Aldarion then brought Irulon to a throne in an unknown castle, and forced Irulon to take off his tabard.  He then made Irulon do something that had thought was impossible.  He had Irulon remove his faceplate, revealing his mouth and chin.  Unable to find any unique creepiness to it, Lord Aldarion pondered for a second why Irulon had kept it secret for so long, but then requested of Rose for a dagger.  She handed it to him, and Lord Aldarion questioned Irulon if he was ready, and proceeded to slit his throat.  In some unfathomable way, Lord Aldarion had risen Irulon into a mindless ghoul.  Irulon now must redeem himself in the eyes of Lord Aldarion, or he may never find freedom forevermore.

Irulon and Aldarion have finally settled their differences and are now solidified with their friendship.

==Abandoning the Faceplate==
File:Irulon 3.3Upgrade.jpg

Finally the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade have formed the final assault on Icecrown Citadel, bringing forth the Ashen Verdict.  With this grand attack, many Scourgelords and other minions have already been defeated.  The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection have been wiped clean of Scourge influence.  Now the final goal that stands before them is the very citadel itself, Icecrown Citadel.  Irulon, being one of the commanders, has replaced his armor and has finally lost his trademark faceplate.  Few have seen his new armor, but those who reported it have aknowledged that it will definitely be of use against the final assault.  Still... what cause will he use it for?

==The Road to Darkness==

Irulon, feeling proud and accomplished, finally set to relaxing before the big fight, had returned home with a grand surprise.  His long-lost brother, Traleon Llane, had found Irulon after many years searching.  He revealed many secrets about the family, such as their original home in what is now Duskwood.  They have left there due to the darkness creeping through and wanted to find a safer home.  However, just as they were talking, a group of Defias had snuck in and slew Traleon.  Irulon was able to fend them off, but Traleon was ambushed from behind.  This gave Irulon many questions regarding the meaning of the Defias' presence within his home, and many more of Traleon and his other family members.  Irulon fell into sadness, and began mindlessly commanding orders disregarding Aldarion's authority.  He soon fell into complete madness, heading to nowhere, promising a dark return.

== Speculation ==

It has been speculated that Irulon is related to Llane Wrynn I and his family.  Such speculations are false, as Llane is Wrynn's first name.

Irulon Doomfist has no relations to Irulon Trueblade whatsoever besides having the same first name.

Many disbelieve that Azshir and Isabella are Irulon's parents due to their hair color being different, but this is because in undeath, Isabella's hair grew old and dark.  In life it was dark blonde, but it has become corrupt, as the rest of the forest she lives in.
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