Summary Edit

  • Name: Jaizon Anvilsmash
  • Race: Tauren
  • Height: 7'9"
  • Weight: 755 lbs
  • Age: Not stated, possibly unknown
  • Aliases: Jaizon the Unclean, The Plaguebearer, Brother to Flies
  • Occupation: Pastor, Adventurer (Def Knight - Busta Rimes)
  • Family: Jammon Anvilsmash (son, deceased?), Kana Anvilsmash (wife, deceased?)

Description Edit


The Symbol of the Gospel of Flies.

This tauren towers at six-foot-nine, his black fur mangy and missing in clumps, showing boils, sores, and blisters on the exposed skin. His body is bloated slightly near his ribcage, and the stench of death and decay hovers around this tauren, as well as a small swarm of flies and locusts.

He coughs incessantly, a wet, sickly, sometimes tearing cough that dislodges bloody sputum and makes his skin crack and pus leak forth from sores and boils that annoint his body. He is obviously heavily diseased, and his body seems as if it is barely holding itself together.

Despite this, the tauren seems extremely jovial. He chuckles and grins, even as he is hacking up a lung, and he seems generally pleased with his affliction. His laugh is deep and bellowing, and he shows geniune affection for everyone about him. Clapsed to his shoulder is the symbol of his god, three slimeballs arranged into a triangle representing a stylized fly.

Background and Beliefs Edit

Once a kind, quiet shaman, Jaizon fell during the skirmishes against the undead following the third war, wounded but not killed. He survived for several days, his body wracked by fever and decaying from the diseases and various infections he contracted from the wounds and the fallen around him. As he lay dying, a vision came to him, a vision of a corupulant man whose body was so torn apart by disease and infection that it seemed impossible the man could even be alive. He identified himself as Grandfather.

The man knelt beside Jaizon, touching his wounds with tender care and a look of compassion in His eyes. For what seemed like hours, Jaizon listened to the man speak jovially and softly, easing Jaizon's pain. He learned his physical form as he knew it would soon die, but Grandfather had selected Jaizon to be His new disciple, to spread the word of His gifts. He promised Jaizon eternal life and clarity of mind, saying that the decay of body would assist in the decay of life's concerns and troubles.

With a smile, Jaizon accepted Grandfather's gifts, and his vision ended. When he awoke, he was lying amidst the bodies of his old comrades. As he arose, he saw the bile on his white death shroud had been stained with the pattern of Grandfather, and the tauren smiled softly, his skin cracking and bleeding.

He now wanders Azereoth, spreading the Gospel of the Fly. He has granted the clarity and peace of the gift to his family, and as they grew tired from the strain of accepting the gift, lay sleeping until Grandfather feels his children have rested.