"You thought you knew pain, you thought you knew suffering. You know nothing. The Lich King will prove a far crueler master then even me."

-Levic, to Janus before killing him

The former adopted son of the Paladin Reikan, Janus has seen nothing but cruelty since the fall of Lordaeron. He has been made servant to a powerful warlock and in death, to the Lich King. With the rebellion of the Knights of the Ebon Blade he has finally been freed from the control of any master and in undeath seeks to restore the shattered pieces of his life. He remembers little of his life before his death, only fragments that dance through his mind when he passes by familiar places or sees familiar people. All he can piece together is a blind hatred for the Lich King, and he ruthelessly seeks Arthas in Northrend, cutting down any who dare stand in his way.

General Information Edit

Name: Janus Tel'mir

Age: Unknown, though by appearances he was not very old when he died

Gender: Male


  • Reikan (Father by adoption)
  • Evelyn (Mother by adoption, deceased)
  • Anya Tel'mir (Biological aunt, deceased)

History Edit

Early Life Edit

It is unknown the circumstances of where or how Janus was made an orphan, or how he ended up in Stratholme. It was rumored his parents were killed in the various skirmishes against the Amani Trolls but as to who they were he never knew. He was raised in Stratholme in an orphanage and was known to be quite the pickpocket. During his many wanderings around the city he made a chance encounter with Reikan, a Paladin of some reknown. The two spoke at length and over a period of several weeks spoke several times more. Janus was eventually adopted by Reikan and spent the remaining few years of his life living with his new family.

The Scourge Invasion Edit

Despite their many similarities, a rift began to form between Janus and Reikan primarily over the Paladin's suspicions over the relationship between Janus and his biological daughter, Terra. There was truth to the suspicions, Janus had fallen in love with Terra who was not only strikingly beautiful but also had a strong, fiery personality that enticed the young elf. The two spent a great deal of time together and would often sneak out in the dead of night to walk the countryside. Janus often tried to persuade Terra to run away with him, to leave her family behind but she always refused, however this did not dissuade him from continuing his efforts to win her over. The increasing time spent together infuriated Reikan and Janus passed on few opportunities to remind the Paladin of his age and deteriorating skills.

Before the relationship between the two could dissolve completely Reikan was called away to deal with the plague that was infesting the eastern lands. During his time away the Scourge attacked his home, forcing Janus and Terra to flee. Evelyn remained behind, hoping to stall the oncomming undead as long as she could so the two could get away. Though brave, the act did little to stop the onrush of the Scourge and even on horseback, Janus and Terra were overtaken. The Scourge were mercilessly, and despite his efforts to protect her, Terra was slain and he too began to succumb to his wounds.

Enslavement Edit

"I am no pawn!"

"Oh but you are, young knight, and on this board there is only one Queen. You will serve her, or you will die and with you any hopes of avenging that which was taken from you."

-Janus and Levic, before the latter bound the former to his will

In a state of delirium set upon by the amount of blood he had lost, Janus clawed and crawled his way across the now plagued lands, holding only onto his dulled and defaced sword as well as the blue ribbon Terra wore in her hair. The warlock Levic studied the elf's struggles from nearby and when it looked like he was about to recover from his wounds the forsaken interceded. Believing Levic to be one of the mindless undead that had killed Terra Janus tried to attack him, but to no avail. The elf was too weak and the warlock too powerful. Playing upon the violent emotions inside the elf, Levic bound him to his will with promises of providing vengeance against the true source of Janus' agony: Reikan.

Janus was forced to serve as Levic's hand, used as an alternative form of persuasion when a mindless demon simply would not suffice. In return for his services Levic taught Janus how to utilize dark magics which aided him in his many assignments. Espionage was the most common task Janus was assigned. Being Forsaken it was near impossible for Levic to maintain reliable contacts within the Human Alliance so instead he sent Janus to keep watch over the Alliance, particularly over any military movements that might threaten the Undercity and the Banshee Queen.

Vengeance Edit

Levic made good on his promise to the young elf and provided Janus with Reikan's location. Initially Janus sought to torture the Paladin by first turning Krys, his adopted daughter, against him. However the rage that boiled in Janus demanded action and finding Reikan alone in the wilds of the Hinterlands Janus attacked.

Taking advantage of the Paladin's surprise at seeing his adopted son alive Janus pushed Reikan towards the edge overlooking a swift moving river. Breaking through the Paladin's defenses with a mixture of rage fueld strikes and shadow energy Janus brought Reikan to his knees with a swift strike across the chest. He tore the silver pendant Reikan wore from around his neck stating that he had no right to hold on to her memory after abandoning her during the Scourge attack on Lordaeron. WIth a snarl Janus kicked the wounded man into the river and held up his hands, letting loose a triumphant howl into the night. However the blue ribbon he wore tied around his arm slipped free and darted towards the river. Seeing this as a sign that Terra, even in death, had chosen her father over him Janus succumbed to madness.

Death Edit

"How quickly you entertain thoughts of betrayal, it is by my mercy alone that you are not a mindless servant of the Lich King."

-Levic, the warlock

Levic had sensed the growing turmoil in Janus and brought the elf with him to Northrend, knowing that without the lure of vengeance his control would wane. In the cold wastes of Northrend Levic baited Janus into attacking him and the elf, in his madness, obliged. Though he was a powerful fighter Janus was no match for the warlock who took great pleasure in torturing the elf before killing him. Left on the icy wastes of Northrend Janus was assimilated into the Scourge and made a Death Knight, losing nearly all memories of his former self and leaving behind Terra's silver pendant to be lost in the snow.

The Ebon Blade and the Horde Edit

However much time passed in the service of the Lich King is unknown. The Ebon Blade, the order of Death Knights to which Janus belonged while serving the Lich King, broke free from his control. The sudden onset of freedom after being in a state of mindless servitude was a mind altering experience, as it is for many other Death Knights and members of the Forsaken. Janus had no idea who he was, where he had been, or what had happened in his life. Memories of his name barely flickered in his mind, allowing him some connection to his past but most of his memories were dominated by images of the Lich King. Knowing little beyond hatred of Arthas Janus joined the Horde, as his former people had done.

As he was untrusted by the majority of the Horde, Janus was sent to Outland to help in maintaining order amongst the Horde's interests in the broken lands. Proving himself to be an extremely skilled an effective warrior he was quickly reassinged from Outland to the Warsong Offensive in Northrend. He served at the Wrathgate alongside the Paladin Kaveh Whiteraven and the shaman Vallai Earthstrider. Though they served together the two did not trust Janus, Kaveh out of resentment and jealousy, Vallai out of fear.