General InformationEdit

  • Name: Kaelindra Sha'Qelas
    Kaelindra Sha'Qelas
  • Nicknames: Kael, Kae
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Age: 21 (in human years), 87 (in Blood Elf years)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Date: February 27th
  • Birth Place: Silvermoon City
  • Home: Silvermoon City
  • Guild: BuiltHordeTough
  • Occupation: Does hired, usually illegal jobs for various shady individuals.
  • Magic: None.
  • Hobbies: Drinking, having sex, pestering people she doesn't know.
  • Family: Saltherien Sha'Qelas (father, deceased), Lynessa Sha'Qelas (mother, deceased), Daerus Sha'Qelas (brother, deceased), Melanae Sha'Qelas (sister, deceased), Cathius Sha'Qelas (husband, deceased)

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 120
  • Skin: Slightly tan.
  • Hair: Reddish-orange, and always pulled into a ponytail with an elegant-looking, blue ribbon.
  • Eyes: Green glow.
  • Clothing: Always wears some time of armor, but does keep comfort in mind and will thus occasionally remove her gloves, shoes, or shoulderpads. Her armor varies in color and appearance, usually appearing mismatched. For Kaelindra, there are many more important things in life than her clothing matching.
  • Jewelry: Wears a few, simple hoop earrings near the tips of both ears and a necklace with a violet gem as a pendant.
  • Weapons: Some forms of blades on both hips, and a bow on her back.
  • Scars: Her body, especially her arms, are incredibly littered with scars, creating a slightly frightening appearance.
  • Health Details: To the best of her knowledge and memory, Kaelindra does not experience any health issues.
  • Other: Kaelindra's eyes weave stories of joy and woe. Just one look in her expressive eyes is enough to tell exactly how she is feeling at any given moment, and can occasionally act as a glimpse into her past.

Personality SummaryEdit

At first glance, it is easy to make assumptions about this Blood Elf. Violent. A drunkard. Even homeless, perhaps. In many cases these are true, but her personality runs much deeper than it appears. Kaelindra does have a kind side to balance out her negative aspects (which only exist due to an inability to move on from her past). She has demonstrated that she is capable of being kind, caring, and affectionate with certain individuals. Along with these things, she finds great love in being both sarcastic and occasionally annoying, which earns friendship with only the most similar or patient of people.


  • Usual Mood: Happy, humored, and mischievous.
  • Intelligence Level: Average
  • Known Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, and a little Common.
  • Character's long-term goals/desires in life: Survive, and find love that will survive.
  • Character's short-term goals/desires in life: Grow ever stronger, find a reason to stop drinking and sleeping around.
  • How self-confident is the character?: It varies. When she is alone, it is low. When she is with others and perhaps being made fun of, however, it is generally high.
  • How does Character see him/herself?: A cursed individual with a few redeeming traits.
  • How does Character believe s/he is perceived by others?: Disliked by the majority of society, but appreciated by a few individuals.
  • How does Character express themself?: Through getting drunk, sharing stories, and pestering people she doesn't know.
  • Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: Likely dominant, though she has never truly had to experiment with this.
  • Patience level: Medium
  • Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Kaelindra is ruled mainly by her emotions, but is ruled by logic in combat.
  • How does the character view life?: Something that is much too short.
  • How does the character view death?: The cause of all her sorrows.
  • Most at ease when: Drunk or having sex.
  • Ill at ease when: Not drunk, not having sex, losing a battle.
  • Describe their sense of humor: Sarcastic and teasing.
  • Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: Quick-minded, clever, has the potential to be affectionate, protective, fun-loving, simple in her desires.
  • Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: Ruled by her past, worried, overconfident in battle, sometimes annoying, makes bad decisions.
  • Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): The very thought of those she loves dying.
  • Optimist or Pessimist: Highly pessimistic, but happy despite it.
  • Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert.
  • Greatest Fear: To have her "curse" (losing everyone she loves) proven to her time and time again.
  • Other Fears/Insecurities/Phobias: None.
  • Minor accomplishments: Mastering the art of archery through her temporary position as a Ranger of Silvermoon.


  • How social is he/she?: She is very social, but goes about it in the wrong ways.
  • Crushes: Roethen, Kulianura, Zarayana
  • Love(s) (past and present): Cathius (deceased), Kulianura (ex-fiance), Zarayana
  • Best Friends: Roethen, Kulianura, Tarriq, Catiana
  • Friends: McCoy
  • Hates: She finds it hard to hate people (excluding paladins).
  • Dislikes: Any truly annoying individuals.
  • Rivals: Currently none.
  • Pets: Mirisma (siamese cat), Zul'Kaz (raptor).
  • Sexuality: Bisexual.
  • How does s/he view other people or society?: They, and it, are just there. Then can occasionally be something that one must put up with, and they can occasionally be something one is lucky to have.
  • Reaction to Alliance: Neutral.
  • Reaction to Horde: Neutral.
  • Reaction to Neutral Groups: Neutral.
  • Is the character judgmental of others and how so?: She isn't judgemental, but she sometimes likes to pretend she is.
  • How is s/he perceived by...
  • Strangers?: "You don't make many friends, do you?"
  • Friends?: She needs little pushes and friendship to find what she's looking for.
  • Wife/Husband/Lover?: She isn't cursed, just sad and suffered through a series of random, tragic events.
  • What type of people does s/he like or associate with?: Drinking buddies, people who value her, like-minded people.
  • What type of people doesn't s/he like or associate with?: Paladins and anyone else who would turn her in due to her shady past and present.
  • What do family/friends like most about character?: Her clever, witty, fun-loving nature.
  • What do family/friends like least about character?: How tightly she clings to the past.


  • Color: Darker colors, and blue (only truly hinted at by her ribbon).
  • Clothing: Good pieces of armor.
  • Place: Taverns, inns, bars, and the shrubbery she sleeps in.
  • Food: Cucumbers, and does ale count?
  • Music: She has not truly grown fond of any music.
  • Book: She doesn't care for reading.
  • Animal: Anything that appears cute to her, including her cat and a worm named Gary.


  • Color: Anything bright, annoying, and feminine.
  • Clothing: Dresses, skirts, and anything feminine.
  • Place: Prison cells.
  • Food: Fish.
  • Music: She has not truly grown to dislike any music.
  • Book: She doesn't care for reading.
  • Animal: None.


  • Describe character's sense of morals: Kill only if paid or provoked, and never harm innocents.
  • Describe character's etiquette: Usually nonexistant.
  • How does this character act in public?: Like usual. Calm, witty, drunk.
  • How does this character act at home?: She has no true home other than her shrubbery, and she only goes there to sleep.
  • How has this character most changed from childhood?: She is not much different from her late childhood other than the fact that she believes she's cursed, but she is much more rugged and violent than she was in her early childhood.
  • How have they remained the same?: Only her sense of humor has remained from her early childhood.
  • How does this character deal with or react to:
  • Anger: (Of another.) "Ahaha! Calm down!" (Of herself, low to moderate.) "It'd be in your best interest to shut up before I kill you." (Of herself, -very- high.) *her personality changes to that of a focused fighter, and she attacks*
  • Sadness: (Of another.) "Hey...don't cry...what's wrong...?" (Of herself.) *solitary and sobbing*
  • Conflict/Danger: "Oh for the love of..." *prepares to attack*
  • Fear: *does her best to hide her fear in her stature, but her eyes give everything away*
  • Change: "Heh...what happened to you?"
  • Loss: (Of a battle.) "Damnit! Really?!" (Of a loved one.) "...I knew it would happen again..."
  • Homosexuality: *grins* "C'mere, baby..."
  • Pain: *yelps, but tries to keep fighting if she is, indeed, fighting*
  • Stress/Pressure: "Someone get me something alcoholic to drink!"
  • Guilt: ""
  • Being wrong: "Sure fine whatever."
  • Being criticized: (Destructive) "Hah!'re probably right." (Constructive) " Maybe, though I'm pretty sure that I'm fine the way I am."
  • Praise: "Wow...thank you. That really means a lot."
  • Love: (Friend) "D'awe...c'mere!" (Lover) "Heh...I love you too..." *slight fear in her eyes*
  • Being hated: "Funny how you think you actually matter."
  • Public Humiliation: "...ale can fix this!"
  • What does the character want out of life?: Surviving love.
  • What would the character like to change in his/her life?: The murder of her family, and the loss of those she loved.
  • What motivates this character?: Protecting those she loves.
  • Why?: She wants to disprove her curse.
  • What discourages this character?: Being shown that she is weak.
  • Why?: It makes it a fearful possibility that she won't be able to defend those she loves.
  • What most describes this character's personality?: A witty, fun-loving person who also needs a little help to find true happiness.



  • "Calm down, princess."
  • "Of course I'm blunt. Why shouldn't I be? Life's short. Gotta make it so that people understand you the first time. That way you won't waste precious time explaining your words. Precious time that could be spent drinking...or having sex...or both at the same time..."

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