Kajsza Sunbough
Faction Horde
Race Half Vrykul
Class Priest of Bal'dur
Gender Female
Guild Ani Ayastigi
Level 80

Biography Edit

  • Name: Kajsza Sunbough
  • Race: Half-Vrykul
  • Age: Middle Aged
  • Guild: Ani Ayastigi
  • Occupation: Bard (Cello), Mechanical Engineer, and Chemist
  • Personality Sketch: Anal-retentive and sarcastic
  • Weaknesses: She's very abrasive
  • Birthplace: Voldrune
  • Home: A room in the Ani clan dormitories
  • Family: None to speak of
  • Description: Easily a head above her peers, she is nearly the size of a Tauren. She wears engineer's goggles that hide her very un-elven, earthy brown eyes. Her gloves are fingerless and she carries a handmade cello on her back. Overall, though, you notice her size.
  • History: Kajsza was born in Voldrune. Her father--an elf--returned to Eversong woods, leaving her to be raised as a Vrykul with her mother. She does not wish to know which speculations are correct about how the couple was formed, but it's quite likely her mother was unable to subdue a vrykul mate and took advantage of her father, who was easy and weak prey. Many values such as: independence, brutal honesty, acceptance of death, and feminine superiority, were installed in her before she ever went to visit her father. When she journeyed to the Eastern Kingdoms she was amazed and intrigued by the technologies she'd been denied her entire life, and decided she would learn these things. As her father was poor and her mother low-caste, she could never afford the education. Her father crafted a cello for her from enchanted oak. She taught herself to play and very quickly began working her way through engineering school as a bard. After graduating she worked on a highly efficient new iteration of zeppelin design, but shamed her name in the actions taken to complete it. She still plays the cello for artistic expression and extra income.

The Great Zeppelin (An arc summary)Edit

Kajsza planned to design the future of world-air transit to connect Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff. Her graduate work in engineering school centered on transportation and engine efficiency, and she wanted to apply it to help society. She joined the Ani Ayastigi in order to work closer with some of the clan's esteemed engineers and worked with some of them in finalizing her plans.

  • A new specially formulated fuel would power the rig. It would yield high amounts of energy but easily cause a standard engine to overheat.
  • The combustion chambers would be made of anodized copper-coated titanium to provide strength and efficient heat sinking. Small channels would be carved into the titanium to increase the ratio of copper to titanium and provide paths for the heat to reach the outer surface where the heat sink would reside.
  • The propeller assembly would spin at a constant rate as opposed to variable-rate for acceleration. Thrust would be created by changing the pitch of the propeller blades--which would rest in a gear assembly--instead of changing the revolution speed. The lost energy in braking and accelerating could be completely eliminated in this fashion.
  • The engine assembly would be reversed from the standard seating, causing the propeller to pull the rig through the air instead of pushing. By placing the propeller in front of the engine the airflow created could be utilized in fanning the heat sink.
  • The standard iron wings used for diving and climbing would be replaced by wings made from a linen/resin composite. The reduced weight would require less mechanical energy and be easier to repair.

A series of quests was released using Gryphonheart Items which can be found on The Great Zeppelin page.

Some time after construction began Kajsza recieved word that the Goblins had began construction on their own craft to connect the two cities. Furthermore they were imposing sanctions against her for the use of slave labor in her construction. Rather than give in to them, Kajsza was more determined to beat the Goblins in construction and felt they'd drop the charges if there was no profit to be had. A clanmate, Scynthious, volunteered to sabotage the Goblin's effort to provide her with breathing room to work. He killed a guard and set their lumber stores ablaze along with the corpse, and work on Kajsza's zeppelin continued for a few more days when suddenly she recieved a stop work order. The Goblin's rerouted a shipment of lumber from one of their bridge building projects and doubled their work force on "The Zephyr." It was completed in a record time and the Goblins closed the contract. When she arrived in Orgrimmar to protest with the Warchief, she encounted a group of Goblins leaving. Among them, Sky-Captain Blasnut recognized Kajsza and confronted her. Their lumber fire was believed to be arson and they wanted to prove Kajsza was responsible for the accidental death of their guard. She confessed on the spot afraid they would reveal their guard was murdered by Scynthious in cold blood, and that he would be executed. As the crime took place outside the Goblin's juristiction, they had to defer judgement to Thrall. As she was in good standing with him she escaped execution or banishment but was charged to community service, cleaning litter in the barrens along the path of "The Zephyr", and blacklisted from all future projects.