Guild Creed Edit

The Kalimdor Outfitters, along with their alliance counterpart Azeroth Outfitters, are dedicated to rising above faction in pursuit of a greater good: profit.

Brief History Edit

Originally, artisans of all types were in the guild selling their wares at a competitive price to ensure profits. The guild also had auction house traders who would spend their days buying low and selling higher, but still undercutting other people's prices. It's said that consistently out-selling others on the market might have earned them a few enemies.

The guild branched out into more services, lending their seasoned warriors as escorts for young, lower ranked adventurers through dangerous territories and dungeons. Some were hired out as bodyguards or bouncers for special events. It's rumored that they even took assassination jobs, but it was constantly denied.

A series of unfortunate events has left both the horde and alliance guilds nearly barren aside from founding members, who have also been met with great tragedy. Currently they have withdrawn into hiding on the run.

Roster Edit

Kesha, guild master