Biography Edit

  • Name: Kamaris Vargo

Kamaris at age 23

  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Twenty four (as of 2nd/Apr/2009)
  • Height: 5 feet, 4 inches (162cm)
  • Guild: Shadow Song
  • Star sign: Gemini (Basic outline of personality traits, of course converted to the subsequent birth sign in Azeroth's equivalent of the Zodiac)
  • Place of Birth: Moonbrook, Westfall
  • Current Residence: The Scarlet Raven Tavern; Darkshire; Duskwood, The Hall of Explorers; Ironforge.
  • Class: Warlock
  • Skills/Hobbies: Tailoring, Enchanting, Cooking, Fishing.
  • Hair: Ebon black, usually pulled back into a low ponytail. When loose, it hangs down to her lowest rib.
  • Eyes: A faded, dulled pink, a cross between red and grey. They are circled by dark rings, giving an almost sunken look.
  • Skin: A very pale white, almost clammy at times.
  • Piercings/Tattoos: A silver nose-ring sits on her right nostril, and a tiny purple orb hangs from her right ear. Black runes and symbols are present on her right palm, though sometimes covered by gloves.
  • Weight: Undetermined; usually somewhere between 100lbs to 112lbs.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Long, ebon hair frames a thin, pale face. Eyes, a pale, faded rose, surrounded by dark rings, peer out, her overall expression one of determination. Kamaris is of average height, but very thin and somewhat gaunt, one might say scrawny even. She lacks any visible muscle, only very occasionally displaying strength fuelled by the fel energies she uses. She carries an air of poise about her, most of the time, her posture excellent and movements almost gliding, when her feet are hidden beneath her long robes, which make up most of her everyday attire. However, even Kamaris has her moments, when she accidentally trips on the hem of a hand-made dress, or staggers around when she's severely lacking energy, fel or otherwise. One thing Kamaris is proud of about herself is her hands. Slender, as pale as the rest of her, and soft-skinned, with long, well-maintained nails. When not wearing gloves, they may be the only part of her body that shows, besides her face.

Personality traitsEdit

Young and somewhat naive, but always tries to approach a situation logically. She's very curious, which usually lands her in hot water, and loses her temper easily, sending her on a rant about why she thinks she's right and the opposing force is wrong. She resorts to physical violence only when threatened, infuriated or trapped, and can pack quite a punch with her lethal Fel magic and her strong knowledge of Demonology.
Kamaris is very strong-willed, which most would call stubborn, refusing to budge mentally if someone tries to convince her of something she doesn't like. This is her main downfall, as it has been known to bring her -very- close to death in the past.
Often coming off as bossy to newcomers, or people who she immediately dismisses as idiots or not worth her time, she has a high regard for the rules set out by the people she respects, and a low regard for anyone she doesn't know breaking said rules. However, once getting to know the girl, many would find she is one of the most loyal and trusting friends anyone could meet, incredibly forgiving, and slowly gaining a larger grasp on her responsibilities within Shadow Song and concerning her friends and family.

History Edit

Born in Moonbrook, Westfall. Kamaris' parents were very straight-laced religious types. They were worried their child might fall
victim to the corruption and perils of the world, and when they discovered she had been killing their chickens (Not actually true; It was really a coyote, but they found Kamaris playing in the blood and scattered feathers and assumed; Kamaris was led to believe that it had always been her), they shipped her over to Northshire to learn the ways of the light and become a priest. Methinks she would have been a shadow-priest regardless of her forced decision if she had gone through with it. She was several years older when she discovered there were other paths to go down; the Warlock trainer, Drusilla Lasalle, offered her a shoulder to lean on when she was fed up with the light being stuffed down her throat, and a kind word when she was feeling down; at the same time, encouraging any shadows that may have lurked within the young girl to show themselves and bestow power upon Kamaris. And so Kamaris began her studies as a warlock. The time she spent doing so, she was rather ignorant of the war raging around her, always spending her time off hiding and practicing her shadowbolts on more chickens.
At age 19, she set off for training around Azeroth, exploring the world and its wonders, its ravaged lands, its beautiful scapes, learning of its history and its customs and the races that inhabited it. Unfortunately, Kamaris has some difficulty recalling issues which do not concern her directly or do not invoke strong emotions from her, stemming from her somewhat distant childhood, so asked on some of these issues, she couldn't say.
Within a year or two, she returned home to Westfall, the province she had not visited since her parents abandoned her, to find that the Defias had destroyed all of Moonbrook and claimed the mines there for their own. This event did not affect Kamaris until much later; she had never really known her parents well anyway, barely remembering their faces.
She settled in Goldshire, finding a quaint humour in its debauchery and carefree atmosphere. It was here that she met Hayz, another warlock. Hayz became a casual friend, but Kamaris never too much cared for him, finding herself much more interested in the leader of his school of reapers, Drakion Darksoul.
As time went by, Kamaris found herself, very slowly, getting closer to Drakion. She wasn't entirely sure what she saw in the man; perhaps she was attracted to his power, perhaps it was the shroud of mystery that veiled him, or perhaps something as simple as his long, silver hair or his delightful fel aura. Of course, she had no idea what she was getting herself into, but the world works in mysterious ways, and given the chance, Kamaris would likely take the same path over again.
However, soon enough, Dark Judgement, Drakion's order of reapers, fell apart, and the surviving members took shelter with the order of Shadow Song, led by the lovely Thanatosa Xintari. Kamaris took her leave from Goldshire, to move south-east, to Darkshire, Duskwood.
Anyone RPing with Kamaris currently knows most of the story from here-on-in; for more in-depth information, try to get to know her yourself.