Klien Blacksun
Faction Argent Crusade / Horde
Race Blood Elf
Class Ranger / Hunter
Gender Male
Guild Prophets of Vengeance
Level 80

"Though reckless, he has become quite the adapt fighter. He will be a powerful leader, and I'm proud to be his father."

-Solav Blacksun

After his fall to the Scourge he lost everything, he was thought dead by his friends, sister, even his wife gave up on him. Since his resurrection in Moonglade, he is hunted constantly by the dark entity known as Kontis. Previously serving the Horde aboard Orgrimm's Hammer, he has recently been taking part in the Argent Tournament, and now serves of the Argent Crusades Ranger-General. He is more of a loner however, distancing himself from others, trying to discover the secrets of his family's past.


Name: Klien Blacksun
Level: 80
Gender: Male
Race: Blood Elf
Guild: Prophets of Vengeance
Class: Hunter / Ranger
Title: Ranger-General of the Argent Crusade
Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Enhanced Demon Stalker Armor
  • Enchanted Saronite Gorehowl replica

Occupation: Military General
Location: Dalaran
Statues: Alive and healthy

  • Solav Blacksun (Father, deceased)
  • Illumine Blacksun (Mother, deceased)
  • Aelisia Blacksun (Sister, deceased)
  • Karen Ramsus (Half sister, deceased)
  • Noriviari (Cousin)
  • Kontis(Split from his soul)


  • The Blacksun family has carried a blood curse for generations. When put through high amounts of mental stress, Klien's body is forcefully transformed into a Black Drake, driven solely by his anger.
  • He is a master at unarmed combat, knowing seveal styles of martial arts.
  • Spending years in combat as a soldier, he has learned and studied, becoming a master tactician and strategist.
  • Klien has also developed an artistic talent for illustration and calligraphy.
  • Having traveled quite a lot, and due to his recent involvement with peoples of many races and cultures, Klien has learned multiple languages.


Early LifeEdit

Born and raised in the wilderness of northern Lordaeron, on the border with Quael'Thalas, Klien Blacksun never stepped foot in any of the major High Elven settlements for over 100 years. His parents, Solav Blacksun (father) and Illumine Blacksun (mother), were two of the elven kingdoms greatest Rangers, and raised their twin children, Klien and Aelisia Backsun (sister) while stationed at Quel'Lithien Lodge. From the moment Klien was able to pull a bow string, and hold a sword, he was taught the art of combat, effectively becoming a well adapt soldier himself. By the time he reached 70, he was given the title of Ranger himself, his father now Ranger Lord of the Lodge and the surrounding areas. However, 30 years later his parents were both killed by Amani trolls in a vicious raid on the Lodge. Klien and Aelisia both stepped up to take their parents place, Klien now as Lord of the Lodge.

Lord of Quel'LithienEdit

Distressed by the sudden loss of their parents, both he and his sister were not nearly enough to fill their parents position, and so their responsibilities were split up among some of the veteran members of the Lodge. Klien and Aelisia did however open up interaction between the Lodge and the neighboring towns inhabited by the humans. This was both frowned upon by some and thought brilliant by others, never-the-less, it was a sound stable environment for both the humans and elves.

Eventually the interactions between the elves of Quel'Lithien grew, expanding to regular visits by both Klien and Aelisia to the near by human city of Stratholme. Their father had been known to travel there often on diplomatic reasons, but the relatively Blacksun twins were less strict with security around the humans. This would come back to bite them in the end.

Scourge InvasionEdit

Quel'Lithien Lodge sat on the border with the kingdom of Lordaeron, and the kingdom of Quel'Thalas. As such, it was the first elven settlement to be hit by the Undead Scourge. Over the past hundreds of years, the Lodge had become a powerful defensive base, however, there was little they could do for their human allies. Klien and his sister were forced to let them die without the ability to aid them, as their elven brethren refused to abandon The Lodge, and weaken it's defenses. Distressed as they were by the lack of support for their human allies, they remained at the Lodge, commanding the defenses far better then expected.

Months went by, and finally the Scourge pushed by them, making their way into Quel'Thalas, led by the once prince of Lordaeron, now self proclaimed king, Arthas Menethil. The call went out for aid, and though most of the elves refused to abandon the Lodge, Klien and Aelisia left with a handful of Elves, leaving the Lodge in command of Lord Hawkspear. Klien and Aelisia faught along side the Ranger Corps (Farstriders). Eventually leading them to the magical city of Silvermoon. The elven forces fought hard against the undead armies, but would inevitably fail.

Over and Back AgainEdit

Following their defeat at Silvermoon, Klien and Aelisia split up. Aelisia remained behind at Silvermoon to aid in the reconstruction, while Klien traveled south to meet up with princeKael'Thas Sunstrider. To Outland they traveled, and Klien got his first taste of Fel
Klien Blacksun

Klien during his time serving Kael'thas on Outland.

magics. He grew powerful, through the demonic energies, and so did his addiction. Klien spent many months in this new world, aiding Illidan in his take over. Klien did not however leave to assault Icecrown with Kael'thas, Illidan, and Lady Vashj. Instead, he remained along with other to maintain power on Outland. Upon the return of Illidan and Kael'thas, he began to see the future for his people under Kaelthas' leadership. he saw Kael'thas' growing far to interested in the demons magics. So, Klien left, along with the Scryers to Shattrath City. There he remained until both the Horde and the Alliance showed up.

Ironjaw, Klien's loyal companion, and best friend.

It was then Klien met his soon to be life long companion, and only true friend. Outside of Shattrath, in Terokkar forest, he met a worg known as Ironjaw. After a brief conflict between the two, Klien saved the angry worg from Alliance dwarves who planned to ambush Ironjaw. After that, Ironjaw has stalked Klien, and eventually, has joined him, never leaving his side. Though reluctant, Klien eventually left Outland, with Ironjaw, to return home to Silvermoon. He found it in much better condition then before, the repairs had been going amazingly. And also, he was reunited with his twin sister, Aelisia. The two became inseparable again, returning to Outland, this time wearing the banner of the Horde. Klien even married in this time, though he was often called away to aid on Outland, and later, the isle of Quel'Danas.

Klien, being a heavy supporter of the Scryers, eventually joined with the Shattered Sun. Kael'thas' betrayal of his own people came not unexpectedly to Klien. He aided the Shattered Sun forces in their assault on the Sun Well, but his time there was cut short when a call for help came from a long lost friend.

Return to LordaeronEdit

Time was short, and so he left telling no one, abandoning the Shattered Sun to save the life of a sister he never knew he had, a half sister from Stratholme. Now a member of the Forsaken, trapped within Stratholme after attempting a scouting mission. Klien's sister, Karen sought help from the only person she knew would not leave her to die. Family. Klien arrived, fighting through the hundreds of undead to rescue his sister. But the assault cost him everything. Klien Blacksun died there, his sister escaped, badly injured. This would not be the end of Klien Blacksun, however.



Klien and Kontis, split from the same spirit, now entirely opposite entities.

Klien had endured much pain and suffering during his time leading up to his defeat in the Plaguelands. In his dieing moments, his emotions swelled. The hatred for the Scourge, the fear of death, and the sorrow of never again seeing his loved ones struck him cold. As his body lay in defeat, his soul was trapped, fated to be tormented for all eternity as the Scourge took the once mighty hero to be used as their weapon in undeath. However, his body was rescued by his half sister, and brought to Moonglade in hopes Klien could be saved.

It was there that Klien's spirit was torn. The Druids spent days vigorously channeling their energies to rescue the Ranger Lord. Something unexpected happened, and as Klien's body was restored to life, the two halves of his soul fought for control. Sensing this struggle, the druids sought to aid the spirits rejoin as one. However, the two fought even harder against this, but eventually one dominated the other long enough to gain control. Klien was restored to life once more. However, the essence within Klien's soul that would later be known as Kontis, plagued him day and night for the next few weeks, until the druids once again stepped in to aid, before sending Klien home.

As a Ranger Lord for Silvermoon, he has been cooping with his alcoholism issues, as well as his mannerisms, to better suit his role as a leading figure and member of the Ranger General's personal council.

In service to the HordeEdit

Since his time in Silvermoon, Klien has grown significantly in military influence. Since discovering that the entity, Kontis, had been using Klien to connect with others in Sivlermoon, torturing them with whisperins in their head, speaking of betrayal, picking at their fears and insecurities, he finally left to join other heroes Northrend, after hearing Kontis had attacked Silvermoon after forcing Klien to enter an unconscious state. Klien did recover however, every time, and eventually began feeling lustful feelings for on of the cities citizens, Deelite. After spending much time with each other, she found herself pregnant with his child. Klien, not ready to be a father, decided it best Deelite and he not stay together, as he did not truly have feelings for her, and would not want to raise a child with a relationship based on what they had.

In Northrend Klien only grew stronger, disciplining himself both in and out of combat. As he grew more deadly in combat, his over all since of honor and respect grew as well. Klien left Warsong Hold, traveling all across Northrend, aiding the Horde forces stationed there, eventually coming to the aid of the Argent Crusade. Having not much interaction with them previously, they were impressed with Kliens strategic genius and over all excellence in battle. However, Klien would not stay long, before moving into Icecrown, arriving on the air base Orgrim's Hammer. For the most part he stayed aboard the ship, fighting, occasionally traveling to Dalaran and back.


Though Klien grew stronger in Northrend, so did Kontis, who had remained relatively quite within the realm of shadows until now. Kontis had gathered enough dark magics to use the shadows as his weapon. Using these new abilities, he gained nearly limitless power, enough to challenge and fight back against the Lich King within the realm of shadows. Yet, Kontis' prime concern was in the mortal realm. Though he could not reach Klien, who was still fighting in northrend, he could reach his twin sister, Aelisia. Though he could not travel to the mortal realm in his true form, he did however posses the power to create a avatar of himself. Using this avatar, and with the help of a rogue death knight known as Crimson Fire, kontis tracked Aelisia down to her home in Eversong, along with her two twin boys, and her husband. He killed them in cold blood and left Aelisia to watch her family burn as she slowly died form her injuries.

By the time Klien arrived, there was nothing left. A new rage was unleashed within him, and his body changed for the first time as he was set ablaze, shifting into a large black dragon. He began to run on a rampage until Zhe'Nergul subdued him using his demon form.

Klien fights back his sickness, refusing to give in even as the signs grew painfully obvious he may not survive if he did not find help.

The SicknessEdit

During the time to follow the death of his sister, and the discovery of his draconic curse, Klien began showing signs of weakness. It was not long until he was becoming exhausted after every battle, and his fellow soldiers grew concerned, and uneasy about Klien's sudden lack in health. All at the same time, he was being plagued by an intense whisper in his head, but the Death Knight Koltira Deathweaver claimed it was simply trauma related. Klien knew better however, it was Kontis, mocking him. Though he tried to fight it, Klien was eventually forced to return to Silvermoon until his health improved. It didn't. He began having violent coughing spasm, coughing up blood and portions of black filth. It was decided, he would have to travel to. Klien was stubborn though, and would not accept help, even from his best friend, Elizabetha Draken (Liz), a experienced priest. Her Light magic had no effect on his illness.


Klien had all but given up on recovering turning to alcohol to drawn out the sorrow of his emotional loss and physical pain., until someone from his past made a surprise visit. A friend of he and his sister when they were still training at Quel’Lithian to become rangers. Her names was Shillay, and she refused to let Klien fall. She was there for him, and with Liz’s help, together they managed to help Klien recover. Liz was able to slowly make progress with his illness, while Shillay helped him get over his alcoholism problems.

Eventually, it was Klien’s own determination, to not let his family die with him as he gave up like a coward. Within a month he was healthy again, and soon to return to northrend to continue his campaign against the Scourge there. However, something unexpected happened.

Family ReunionEdit

Kontis had been using his avatar to attack another citizen of Silvermoon, a young death knight woman called Noriviari (Nori), and her girlfriend, Vandria. The two woman were constantly suffering from Kontis’ tormenting whispers in their head. Klien was worried they would be targets, like his sister. Nori recognized Klien’s name, claiming she knew of his father, Solav. Nori was actually Klien’s cousin, who was kept hidden from her family because her father (Klien’s uncle) was labeled an outcast from the family. Kontis attacked Nori and Vandria, right in the middle of Silvermoon. The two womaen fled however, to Acherus. Kontis managed to follow. Kontis separated Nori and Vandria, bringing Nori to the Realm of Shadows. There, he committed unthinkable acts against her, yet allowed her to live. Upon her return, she was found having no memory of what had happened.

The Argent TournamentEdit

With Kontis’ activity quieting down, Klien sought out a way to better himself, to gain strength so he might better protect his friends and family. After Aelisia’s death, Klien gave up on his family, but with the discovery of Nori being his cousin, he had renewed pride and sense of urgency to protect his family. Kontis was not the only threat, the Scourge had all but halted any advancement the Horde or Alliance had intended to make. So Klien turned instead to the Argent Crusade. Their new tournament, taking place far north of icecrown, on the border with the Stormpeaks. Klien requested that Lor’themar Theron send him to the Tournament to represent Silvermoon. After speaking with Haldiron Brightwing, he agreed. Klien adapted quickly to mounted combat, becoming a champion of the rings in no time. As a Champion of Silvermoon, members of the Horde quickly elected him as a champion for their racial factions as well. Even the Argent Crusade took notice. Klien became one of the elite fighters ever seen amongst the Horde and Alliance, and was labeled a Crusader among the Argent Crusaders.

The Ranger's CrusadeEdit

The events of the Argent Crusade brought many to the grounds to test their skills and might against each other. However, some stood above the rest. Loyal warriors of the horde and Alliance came from all over, but for Klien, it was a new beginning. When the position was offered to him, he took the time to return to Silvermoon to seek the council of his mentor, Brightwing. Eventually, Klien settled on a decision, and became the Ranger-General of the Argent Crusade. After leaving Silvermoon, he met a young priestess. Her name was Zanahoria Bloodhawk (Zana), and being new to the Crusade herself, Klien took her under his wing, eventually developing a relationship with her. The two currently serve the Crusade from the Tournament grounds, over seeing the efforts of those taking part.

Political/Military PowerEdit


Klien's family once had a powerful political influence within Silvermoon. As one of the last two living Blacksuns, he has taken his position among the Ranger Lords. The Ranger-General himself has taken a liking to Klien, hoping to shape Klien into a better soldier, drawing on Klien's already prominent leadership skills. Having previously been a Ranger Lord in Sivermoons Ranger forces, he still commands high respect and authority in Silvermoon. However, his rank has been removed since his joining the Argent Crusade.


His high rank within his own racial community said little for his place among the Orchish Horde. However he has earned his place time and time again as a superior officer through feats of great difficulties and countless battles. He is often called upon as a personal adviser to many Horde Generals and Warlords.

Argent CrusadeEdit

having shown high promise in the Argent Tournament, and after receiving a recomendation from Brightwing himself, Klien accepted the title of Ranger-Genreal for the Argent Crusade. This rank palaces him in a position of high authority within the crusade. He is also on of the Tournaments most skilled contributes.


Klien has never been the best in terms of manners, having been raised in the by soldiers in the wilderness most of his life. He has however a strict belief in honor and has been known to act out violently to defend this honor. He is very proud of his race, and family, loving nothing more then his people. He once shared a similar respect for humans, until his race separated themselves from the Alliance due to the humans belittlement of them. Since his return from outland to Silvermoon, he has traveled quite often to the orcs warrior city of Orgrimmar. He found a new respect for his new allies there, and has adapted some of their habits. He's become quite unique from other members of his race. This includes a violent nature, and a "don't give a shit" attitude towards everything. For people who do not know Klien well enough, he can come off has a cruel individual and has become disliked by many.


No one ever saw much leadership in Klien as he was growing up, as he always seemed to do things on his own. However, recently he has proven to be quite affective in a leadership role while on the battle field. Though experienced in many forms of armed and unarmed combat, his marksmen ship is unmatched and by far his most deadly aspect. He prefers to wield a large two-handed axe to cleave away any enemy who manages to fight their way close enough. Most fall to his rifle or bow skills however.

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WC3 character info, just for the fun of it.

Klien Blacksun
Argent Ranger
Race Blood Elf
Faction Argent Crusade
Hit Points 950
Mana 400
Level 8
Gold 500
Lumber 100
Food 5
Weapon(s) Axe, Rifle
Attack 51, 28
Attack Type Hero
Range Melee, Ranged
Cooldown 1.7, 1.5
Armor Type Hero
Armor 5
Movement Speed Average