Kyndilia Chloric
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Class Priest
Gender Female
Guild None
Level 5


  • Name: Kyndilia Chloric
  • Age: 476
  • Birthplace: The North Shore, Tirisfal Glades
  • Home: Stormwind, Elwynn Forrest
  • Occupation: General tailor and correspondent between the winery in Goldshire, and Stormwind.
  • Personality: A quiet, good-hearted person, who takes in her surroundings as much as possible.


Kyndilia was born on the north shore of Tirisfal Glades. Her mother, Zeena Jadence, and her father, Kinder Chloric (pronounced kin-dur), were both vigilantes in correspondence with the Sisters of Elune. They, along with eight others, were sent to Tirisfal Glades, in a search for Shandris Feathermoon, after contact from her had been absent for two weeks, since a battle against the Undead had begun.

The two parents of Kyndilia had waged an effortless search in Lordaeron, the group had started heading south for salvation at Southshore, before being ambushed by a group of well-skilled Undead rogus. The group, being pushed back into the North Shore, had been outnumbered, and soon dwindled off as the group seperated, hoping to weave their way past the rogues. Knowledge of whether the other members escaping was unheard, and soon Zeena and Kinder, staying together, had been cornered by the rogues into a cave. What was worse for Zeena, was that a few weeks before she had begun the search for Shandris, she was impregnated by her husband.

Months passed, as the two lay unable to move location, because of an avid search for their bodies lay at hand. Soon, Zeena had gone too far into pregnany where as any form of escaping was now futile. The two lay make of what they had, and in that cave, in a land of the dead, and soul-reaping ghosts, they had Kyndilia. In a vain attempt however, Zeena was unable to carry on her life with Kinder and her new-born daughter, and passed away the day of Kyndilia's birth. Kinder, in a state no longer of fear and worry, carried Kyndilia through the Tirisfal Glades, and had promised himself, that nothing would stop him from getting Kyndilia to safety. But even after months, and nothing of evidence that Zeena and Kinder were still alive, the undead were still on search for them. They, being restless, and almost unforgetful, sensed the movement of the once strong Kinder, and had tracked him two a close proximity.

Kinder knew it was over, that breaching through the border of the Southshore outpost was out of reach, and that he would not be able to kill the group of Undead that came forth. In pray, with the Sisters of Elune, Kinder raised his daughter, Kyndilia, high into the air, and whispered to the clouds,

"I pray to thee, Suramar, the Sisters, the Temple of the Moon, and Tyrande. I put up my own life, for the safe return of my daughter to your guiding hands. I have faced the death of my wife, and the blood of my daughter shall not touch these grounds if it is not for my own fault. I beg of you, to reach down from Teldrassil, with all your might, and to take Kyndilia back home."

And with that, Kyndilia had vanished from Kinder's hands. A sole tear, escaping from his eyes, as he looked at the now distant memories, and the only ones, of his daughter's face. He fought the undead, thousands of them, on end, and for his own life. But it had become too painful, cuts deepening his flesh, and poison filling his lungs, he had been killed.

Centuries later, Kyndilia had grown to aspect her mother and father's sacrifice, and to look at life with all of the optimism she could. Her father and mother had not one moment where they thought of the saddening despairs around them, and she knew that she'd wanted them to do the same.